Financial orgnaization extends certainly independently loan did not repay level
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Chinese people bank announces 22 days, since October 27, 2008, enlarge extent of the float below interest rate of loan of commerciality individual housing, adjust lowermost head to pay scale. Spokesman of people bank news accepted a reporter to interview with respect to pertinent question.

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Answer: A peach-shaped thing of pay of Nuo of ⒎ of abdicate of miscellaneous show off enemy wish Wu common " form of ruthenium seeing  enters セ in all its interest rate adjusts branny? to basically depend on two elements: Shape of scabbard of encouraging alarm of M of Gou Yue of  of joke of emperor wall quail feeds shape of scabbard of bold kang Pi to feed bold handsome ⒆ is slaughtered " kang Pi is slaughtered in person " Ren Qianqia of  of Biao of  of ㄖ of apprentice of handsome ⑻ young brights flatter bilges ㄗ " ? and borrower credence are recorded and reimbursement. Financial orgnaization should press provision of agreement of original loan contract, on the foundation that assesses a risk integratedly, already extended certainly independently loan of commerciality individual housing has not repay interest rate level of the part.

Ask: Qiong of male ┮ of quiet of palpitate of  of Ping of  of soil of Tian of calf of go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married of ㄊ of Gu Fan of quail joke  risings to a height

Answer: Avarice of dog of  of joke of quail of wall of  of soil of Tian of calf of go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married crouchs " brother's son of  of Tao of cover of Man of Fu seeing  fertile  arc 4 with bar  not  ; The housing with  too low? loan head pays scale brings about financial orgnaization to answer value of house property pawn hard relatively drop substantially, the risk such as borrower solvency inadequacy. For this, people bank commerciality individual housing lowermost head pays scale is adjusted for 20% while, requirement finance orgnaization buys a house according to borrower the risk element such as record of actual condition, credence and reimbursement ability, decide carefully head pay scale, reflect the principle that to different risk loan gives distinction is treated. In addition, maintain borrower to repay expenses of housing loan month not prep above its month income the policy of 50% is changeless, also be helpful for be on guard credit risk, and from solvency angle reasonable guiding dweller housing demand.

Publish the requirement of policy according to this, financial orgnaization will work in the protocol that executive detailed rules finishs before October 27, 2008. Later, the problem that borrower can care with respect to oneself undertakes advisory to loan bank, financial orgnaization should do good conduct propaganda to explain the job.