Duty of contract of the city that save a building is reduced to 1% Fu Jiang is 2
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Classics the State Council agrees, total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state announces 22 days, the decision trades to individual housing the taxation policy of link is made adjust, reduce housing to trade tax cost. End profession day also announces, the decision enlarges extent of the float below interest rate of loan of commerciality individual housing, strengthen the finance that buys common housing first to the individual to support. In addition, the government still decides to increase safeguard sex housing to construct scale. Accelerate cheap to hire housing construction, increase objective to deserve to hire strength, enlarge cheap to hire housing to rent allowance limits.

   The keyword reduces agree tax

Business tax tariff is reduced possibly also

[policy] rose on November 1, the individual buys 90 square metre and the following and common housing first, of short duration of agree tax tax rate is unified reduce 1%; to the individual is sold or buy housing of short duration to avoid collect individual of stamp duty; to sell housing of short duration to avoid impose land value added tax. The requirement buys a room to prove first by housing seat county (area) housing construction is in charge of a branch to issue.

[unscramble] Hu Lubin of analyst of economy of the negotiable securities that enrol business says, this is to come for years governmental high level appears on estate problem first the relaxation that to trading link duty expends, put forward clearly to encourage buy a house.

Professor of yellow birch of university of central finance and economics expresses, reduce estate to trade main purpose returns taxation is exciting building city (guest of building city rich | Building city news) demand, become loose likely additionally still include business tax is mixed a duty. But people university a wealth tax expert thinks, new politics direct to the person that broad individual buys a house action wants ambitious at substantial action. To the individual, the agree tax that pays less this bit of money decorates a paragraph as his far even. The wait-and-see sentiment that buys a house because of this person is likely still grumous.

[account] the agree tax rate of common housing is ordinary individual 1.5% of house price, printing tax rate is 0.05% . The controller of house property of musical instrument of Chongqing city musical instrument calculated brushstroke Zhang, agree duty is reduced 1% , a total prices building of 360 thousand yuan 90 square metre, can pay tax of 1800 yuan of agrees less.

   The keyword is reduced head pay

Head pay scale to be able to fall to two into

[policy] rise from October 27, financial orgnaization is bought first to the dweller common mix from housing improvement common provide loan from housing, lowermost head pays scale is adjusted for 20% .
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