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Last night, the Ministry of finance and Central Bank are sent early or late reduce cost of tax of interest rate, derate to wait those who be aimed at estate market is new politics, expect the long already plan that help city comes on stage eventually. Morning paper reporter learns, the housing that regards estate market adjusting control as crucial branch and ministry of urban and rural construction (next live weighing that build a department) , development Trade Fair already was called together to open a series of survey to collect specific opinion before this, its save city program there can be no turning back newly.

Large development business goes to Beijing to make suggestions

Morning paper reporter learns yesterday, on October 16, a batch of famous estate of countrywide develop business to be called together to reach Beijing, attend by live the opinion consult conference of the organization that build a department.

According to introducing, the conference assemble that day include 10 thousand divisions, Hua Yuan inside many famous development business of countrywide, major company expedites company high level to attend the meeting. Qi Ji of construction ministry undersecretary chairs this in-house meeting.

On this conference, development business people at present besides the report the company runs a state besides, still be offerred to renew the significant proposal of building city by the requirement.

It is reported, before Beijing Olympic Games is held, live build a Ceng Duiquan nation each urban estate markets had undertaken on-the-spot survey. Inspecting the conclusion that reach at that time is, the market condition of city of a gleam of such as Shanghai Beijing still calculates stability, shenzhen Guangzhou bead trigonometry city got really very big impact, but 23 lines especially real estate just is mixed arisen western the city was not affected apparently however, appear into small callback that pays an amount merely.

But, end as the Olympic Games, building city clinchs a deal of quantity and price glide to already spread from specific city enlarge comes countrywide major city. In the meantime, the estate of month of a 1—8 trades data statistics was caused further live those who build department public figure is anxious.

On the conference that day, development business to living at present state and trend of city of later period building are behaved generally quite pessimisticly, if the market continues,a few land agent express even cool bring about no less than company “ is vivid going to probably. ”

” of “ Shanghai La Yin registered permanent residence is welcome

Before this, before Nanjing and Hangzhou publish the specific plan that help city, ever called together place to develop business to undertake those who help city program discuss, this makes those who build a ministry to suggest this to collect the high level that be regarded to publish a series of essence to help municipal plan augural.
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