The Central Bank reduces interest rate of loan of individual housing accumulatio
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Enlarge extent of the float below interest rate of loan of commerciality individual housing to support a dweller to buy common housing first.

The effect that produces possibly to our country to answer international banking crisis, support expands inside need, rise to be bought to the dweller common serve a level from the finance of housing, ensure and improve the people's livelihood, according to the unified deploy of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, people bank decides to rise from October 27, 2008, the loan of floor level expand into interest rate of loan of commerciality individual housing is 0.7 times of interest rate more standard; Lowermost head pays scale is adjusted for 20% .

It is financial orgnaization the loan interest rate to the client, head pay scale, should according to borrower it is to buy room or blame to buy a house first first, from housing or blame from housing, cover model whether is floor area common housing, and the risk element such as borrower credence record and reimbursement ability decides in distinction of floor level above.

2 it is right the dweller is bought first common mix from housing improvement common the loan demand from housing, financial orgnaization can be mixed in loan interest rate head pay support gives by favourable condition on scale; To be not from the housing, loan requirement that is not common housing, financial orgnaization gives appropriately rise.

3 it is to reduce interest rate of loan of individual housing accumulation fund. Among them, 5 years period the following (contain) by active 4.32% adjust for 4.05% , 5 years period above by active 4.86% adjust for 4.59% , reduce 0.27 percent respectively.

4 it is dweller of disaster area of earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River the floor level of loan interest rate from housing, lowest is purchased after calamity head pay policy of privilege of interest rate of loan of scale and housing accumulation fund is changeless.