Building city is new politics mystery: Increase housing safeguard meaning to be
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On October 17, wen Jiabao of premier of the State Council chairs call together to open the State Council standing conference, arrangement deploy the four seasons spends economy to work. To estate market, wen Jiabao makes clear twice make known his position to cause the market to guess. The conference puts forward, want to increase safeguard sex housing to construct scale, reduce housing to trade tax cost, supportive dweller buys a house. The following day, when housing and Chou Baoxing of undersecretary of ministry of urban and rural construction respond to local government to help city measure, say, each district government is in the “ of adjusting control respect of estate market is capable responsible also the choice ” that makes a few policy go up, state current housing and ministry of urban and rural construction are observing effect of the policy tendercy of each city and policy closely, normative opinion can be taken out when “ is proper. ”

For a short while, the personage inside course of study thinks almost, one comes from in the center of the policy of estate untie a person of class ministries and commissions already be vividly portrayed. Estate trades the policy domain that tax cost is adjusted and 2 flatlet borrow ” of limitative “ release what is held to make the most possible breakthrough. And less expert is forecasted sensitively, round of new safeguard sex housing drives a plan to brewing, latter will be in the center of to inflationary risk of strong building city the most crucial a piece of cards in one's hand.

Li Shaoming of negotiable securities analyst is cast to think in, reduce housing to trade the policy that duty expends very point to explicitly reduce a dweller to buy room burden, stimulate housing consumption moderately, alleviate estate development invests pressure. This will be carried on certain level brace up economy, benefit is the industry to good. Notable is, premier of Home Wen treasure increases “ ” of dimensions of construction of safeguard sex housing is put in the first place about building city policy, the expert thinks, this is central “ protects growth to or again already of inflationary ” strategical arrangement is reflected in the clarity of estate market.

“ once housing safeguard system is complete rise, can drive what economy keeps certain to add through investment not only fast, return what won't invest because of estate to raise price of drive up house, cause inflation. Strengthen housing safeguard effectively, reduce labor cost, it is the efficient way that retains competition ability of labour force international. From the point of this, end the place ensures what system builds to take seriously to housing from which will bring more long-term gain. ” Li Shaoming says.

On October 19, a batch of cheap lease Shanghai Xu Hui area room objective deserves to hire application family to begin to shake date, this also is this year since first cheap that Shanghai starts hires housing objective to deserve to hire pilot. And according to what announced this year in Feburary Shanghai housing built a plan 2008, shanghai is built in all this year, deserve to build economy applicable Fang Helian rents a house 4 million square metre. Additional, prospective Shanghai will be preferential the land that assures rent a house via comfortable Fang Helian is supplied. Housing of sex of two kinds of safeguard executes administrative transfer means with the ground, and the area arrangement with advantage of traffic of preexistence wanting actor, infrastructure and perfect establishment of communal form a complete set offers the ground.
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