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On October 20, conference chairman Liu Mingkang chairs Chinese silver-colored inspect hold special subject meeting, communicate study and research to carry out fulfil the State Council is standing on October 17 conference spirit, arrangement deploy the four seasons spends banking to superintend the job. The conference emphasizes, four quarters should consider to take careful superintendency step, health of stimulative estate market develops.

The conference points out, the four seasons is spent, banking should continue to increase pair of “ 3 farming the credit of ” supports strength, support the development of live pig and milk cow aquaculture, want to advance the reform of domain of whole country finance and innovation energetically. Should cogent perform social duty, provide financial support to the job rebuilds after calamity, especially preferential and contented paid the disaster area that returns ability prevents demand of loan of cold pass the winter. Want to take problem of small company financing seriously highly, tilt the loan scope that increases newly to small company to come up. Want to consider to take careful superintendency step, health of stimulative estate market develops. Want to strengthen loan to spend the analysis with big loan risk centrally, be on guard risk of group client loan.

Conference requirement, silver-colored inspect can want to pay close attention to international finance situation and development change and the influence to economy of our country money market and substance closely about the branch each, enhance hardship consciousness further, refine working measure, strengthen a risk to superintend, those who maintain financial industry is dovish move, the abidance that supports our country economy effectively is healthy develop.

   9.9 % : ? of Cong annulus vomit but still driving

9. 9 % —— this is to be during current international finance is turbulent, the increase rate of economy of China of before this year 3 quarters that national statistic bureau announces 20 days. 9. The increase rate of 9 % ought to how look upon, next countries will take what step, what effect can Chinese economy produce for the stability of world economy? Expert of personage of authority of national statistic bureau, macroscopical economy refers to this read.

Economy is added fast put delay, exit slowdown is apparent. Before 3 quarters grow 9.9 % , the 3rd quarter to grow 9 % , people notices generally, since this year especially since the 3rd quarter, chinese economy is added fast fall after a rise. This confirm the “ economy growth that standing conference analysis mentioned the State Council when current economic situation a few days ago puts delay trend apparent ” .

The change of environment of “ international economy is right national economy produced relatively apparent adverse effect since this year. Say frankly on the press conference that Li Xiaochao of spokesman of news of bureau of ” country statistic is in office of news of the State Council 20 days to hold.
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