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Come on stage in succession as the policy of a series of exciting economy, one lays aside long already “ to establish plan of ” of fund of housing of -727379968 safeguard sex to may cause attention once more.

A few days ago, national hair changes appoint meeting secretary-general Wang Jian expresses macroeconomics, in next exciting economy plans, finance policy is indispensable. Because at present infrastructure builds opposite saturation, increase the trade such as steely, electric power superfluous, the fund that can consider to be fastened with -727379968 class starts cheap to hire room market, increasing while finance invests, the consumption that start, what digest industry of steely, cement is superfluous produce can.

This viewpoint establishs the formulation that ensures sexual housing fund to happen to have the same view with before this one. At the beginning of this year, board of fund of countrywide social security ever considered starting market of safeguard sex housing with -727379968 fund with housing and ministry of urban and rural construction. It is reported, governmental high level expresses affirmation to afore-mentioned plan, but have different opinion as a result of a few branches, plan is in research all the time in the center.

According to the tentative idea at that time, fund of countrywide social security obtains -647710720 yuan of two fund, national finance form a complete set 200 billion yuan, the bank that adds housing accumulation fund and form a complete set again borrows money, form -727379968 fund, use ensure sexual housing construction quickly.

Personage of know the inside story expresses, if this fund can be established, depend on the characteristic of financing source, complementary with policy of privilege of the land related the government, taxation, the building can satisfy the need of low income crowd with coming under the price of the market considerably. And according to calculating, at present low the housing that receives a crowd needs to be in 30 million above, demand is unchallenged.

Xiang Huaicheng of the director before board of fund of social security of the minister before the Ministry of finance, whole nation also was accepted a few days ago when the reporter is interviewed, express, whether does finance policy change direction active, should make clear finance capital to cast above all to, his individual thinks applicable room and railroad build economy is the field that can choose.

Board of fund of countrywide social security says about the personage, afore-mentioned plan are an intent only, social security fund just also is participated in square. Personage of know the inside story discloses, afore-mentioned tentative ideas also are opportunity that fund of housing of sex of safeguard of seek of fund of countrywide social security manages person portion and seeks transition rear.

The board of fund of countrywide social security that established 2000 moves oneself rise to be worn with respect to bear “ is made up for population is aged henceforth the important task of the ” of social security need of peak period, its mission is below the premise of dovish investment implementation maintains value rise in value.
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