7 old policy profit of the city that pass a building are good publish a citizen
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7 old policy profit of the city that pass a building are good publish Guangzhou citizen to manage money wait-and-see mood is aggravating

On October 17, wen Jiabao of premier of the State Council chairs call together to open the State Council standing conference, deploy the four seasons spends economy to work, put forward to want to reduce housing to trade tax cost, supportive dweller buys a house. Media announced a government to will roll out “ of 7 specific policy of building city to save city ” yesterday, include to relax business tax imposes a requirement, buy room head Fu Jiang low, buy 90 square metre the following house avoids agree duty to wait a moment.

The circulates to Guangzhou building city rose to drive action of numerous interest good news, guangzhou buys a room not less to buy the home to waiting for policy to come on stage to buy a building in succession definitely, but the wait-and-see mood that also let uptodate Guangzhou building city appear to await policy to come on stage.

   The duty that exempt a contract or benefit and small family

As we have learned, in the policy helping city that comes out in industry, “ buys 90 square metre first the following residence can avoid agree duty ” , “ to adjust the measure such as ” of policy of accumulation fund loan. Buy the small family duty that exempt a contract especially, make Guangzhou not little young the heat that buy the home longs for policy to come on stage.

Worked 5 years the Xiaozhang of time plans to be pulled next year bury scuttle (marry) , the plan buys a new building to prepare wedding this year. The budget that presses him can buy the two houses unit of a 669 square metre only, had been originally in urban photograph Lou Panzheng is choosing a house, after audibility publishs new policy likely, come on stage to do it again with respect to the policy such as the plan, buy room fare in order to save brushstroke. As we have learned, buy unit of a two houses in the urban district at present, 600 thousand yuan floor price, agree duty has to hand in 9000 yuan, if new policy says a duty of 9000 yuan of agrees like hearsay place,can avoid.

   Business tax fixed number of year or shorten

Be in secondhand in building city, selling price of building total house the business tax of 5.5% is now a cage that building city trades. Owner buys a room to did not sell a building 5 years completely, must want to pay price selling a building the business tax of 5.5% , a 800 thousand yuan house is to hand in business tax to achieve 44 thousand yuan only. After Guangzhou floor price falls, because,buy the home and owner not less 5 years period did not pass, do not be willing burden business tax brings about buying and selling to cannot clinch a deal. If the hearsay comes true, so secondhand the room trades the expropriation of business tax fixed number of year shortens afresh from 5 years to 2 years, this will be Guangzhou many secondhand room untie a person.
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