Household industry abolishs " avoid check " in former days certificate is become
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On September 18, general office of the State Council released food to dismiss the announcement that check system abolishs, outside pledging with day country check total bureau is opposite, show “ abolishs " the product is avoided at quality supervisory examination runs way " ” , abolish “ avoided check ” to cause intense shake to feel in the household industry that in former days “ exempts check ” be current.

Reporter discovery, although regard as once “ escapes check ” large family, numerous household sells the capital the floor inside field, pottery and porcelain kind although a lot of brand has not removed next “ to avoid check ” fascia, but when introducing already block cloak attack by surprise rises, “ avoids check ” certificate to be in condition of “ ” chickening ribs. Chief of some floor brand says, avoid check actually already it doesn't matter is used, but qualitative check total bureau still is done not have how to remove next avoiding with respect to the other company avoiding check besides food industry check certificate and avoid check title to make further explanation, and the period of efficacy with the original letter avoiding check of a large number of brands can hold to this year the end of the year even 2010, so the brand throws away the case of certificate has not appeared directly. But abolished “ avoids check ” to be equal to let all household brand return same scratch line again, everybody begins quality competition afresh.