The high level makes known his position to allow each district to help city firs
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Yesterday, 69 mayors assemble in countrywide each district Shenzhen attends ” of forum of “ China mayor, housing and Chou Baoxing of undersecretary of ministry of urban and rural construction express on forum: “ should give the freedom with each city certain government to spend, the government of each district should say capable, responsible also, make the choice on a few policy. ” this also is the high level is stimulated to each district first municipal plan makes the building make known this position formally.

Recently, 18 cities such as Hangzhou, Shanghai roll out policy of exciting building city in succession, specific act includes to provide the subsidy that buy a house to the citizen, lengthen reimbursement deadline, derate to relevant duty is expended and increase accumulation fund to borrow money highest forehead is spent etc, pay close attention to extensively and the intense discussion that what caused social all circles. In the meantime, partial media is oppugned, the measure of a few cities has touched ” of red line of center “ policy. In view of above reason, the manner of governmental high level also makes the central point that near future all circles pays close attention to.

This enemy protects the speech that begin, the city that lets had published the measure that help city has issued sth capable of comforting sb. Chou Baoxing explains, every city has different characteristic, the situation of real estate is different also, because this may publish different policy, chou Baoxing says: We believe “ every city government can make well-advised choice. Have a lot of things can foretaste one pace, next again normative, such coming over of reforming and opening. ”

Helping the new issue that city process may bring to local government, chou Baoxing expresses: “ is current, to the policy tendercy of each cities and policy effect, housing and ministry of urban and rural construction are observing closely, evaluate the effect of all sorts of measure. What should continue to carry on, what should be stopped, proper when the opinion that can take out a standard. If what problem is corrected again, return there's still time. ”