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Home Wen treasure chairs call together to open the State Council the four seasons of standing conference deploy spends economy to work

Continue to maintain economy to grow more quickly smoothly hard to maintain capital market to stabilize healthy progress

■ the requirement that should watch according to scientific progress, adopt agile and cautious macroscopical economic policy

■ increase investment strength, carry reasonable investment scale

■ active and reliable push price reform, clutch the price that straightens product of important energy natural resources concerns

■ the development of stimulative medium and small businesses, widen medium and small businesses is direct financing channel

■ raise the labor such as dress, spin concentrated model product and high additional cost rate of drawback of exit of mechanical and electrical products, support advantage company and product exit

■ increase safeguard sex housing to construct scale, reduce housing to trade tax cost, support a dweller to buy a house

Wen Jiabao of premier of the State Council chairs call together 17 days to open the State Council standing conference, analyse current economic situation, arrangement deploy the four seasons spends economy to work.

The conference thinks, since this year, progress of society of our country economy endured many sided stern test, the Party Central Committee, the State Council guides a the people of all nations, overcame urgent revulsion of especially big and natural disaster and situation of world economy finance to change the impact that cause, maintained national economy to develop more quickly smoothly to be stabilized with social harmony. Price total level goes up get controlling, obtain employment increases continuously, commissariat is successive 5 years of increase production, structure of tone warping aid and energy-saving decrease a platoon to obtain positive result, reforming and opening continues to deepen, the social construction that attachs most importance to a dot in order to improve the people's livelihood is strengthened further. Look always, calamity of serious nature of adverse element and home did not change international the fundamental situation that our country economy grows, progress of our country economy is had resist the ability of the risk and driving vigor.

The conference points out, current international money market is quick and turbulent, world economy growth puts delay apparently, not stable factor is obvious in international economy environment grow in quantity, show stage by stage to the influence of our country, domestic economy moves in appeared a few new cases, new issue.

Basically be economic growth the trend that put delay is clear, company profit and finance income are added fast drop, capital market fluctuates continuously and low fan. We should estimate the complexity of international environment and austere sex adequately already, deep knowledge maintains the importance that our country economy grows more quickly smoothly and arduous sex, enhance hardship consciousness, want to recognize our advantage and positive factor correctly again, sturdy confidence, sober observation, multibarrel falls together, answer effectively, effort consolidates nice topological features and progress continues.
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