10 measure stimulate the State Council economy: Reduce estate to trade tax cost
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Measure of decathlon of the State Council spurs economic development: Raise exit to retreat tax rate to reduce estate to trade tax cost

To lessen the impact of international banking crisis to China, standing conference publishs the State Council decathlon measure, in order to spurs economic development. Include to raise textile and rate of drawback of exit of mechanical and electrical products among them, reduce estate to trade tax cost.

Occupy Xinhua News Agency to report yesterday, wen Jiabao of premier of the State Council chairs call together 17 days to open the State Council standing conference, analyse current economic situation, arrangement deploy the four seasons spends economy to work.

The conference points out, current international money market is quick and turbulent, world economy growth puts delay apparently, not stable factor is obvious in international economy environment grow in quantity, show stage by stage to the influence of our country, domestic economy moves in appeared a few new cases, new issue. Basically be economic growth the trend that put delay is clear, company profit and finance income are added fast drop, capital market fluctuates continuously and low fan.

To the job of the last this year quarter, this the conference emphasizes, want to adopt agile and cautious macroscopical economic policy, publish the policy measure such as the money duty that has specific aim, credit, foreign trade as soon as possible, continue to maintain economy to grow more quickly smoothly. For this, the conference advanced the 10 big step that the fourth quarter will begin clearly.

Among them the first is relatively raise commissariat lowest to buy the price substantially, make and issue the program that increases each agricultural allowance, enlarge allowance limits, raise subsidy level. This also is to be in seventeen 3 in after plenary meeting ends, governmental level weighs big move first with respect to what rural problem comes on stage.

Spend higher foreign trade issue to Chinese economy depend on sb or sth for existence, this the conference asks to raise the labor such as dress, spin concentrated model product and high additional cost mechanical and electrical products exports drawback to lead, support advantage company and product exit, increase the product import that home needs.

Partial textile exit of China appeared since this year relatively glide substantially. Customs total office releases data to show last week, september total value of our country imports and exports 243.5 billion dollar, grow 21.4% . Export 136.4 billion dollar that month among them, grow 21.5% ; Import 107.1 billion dollar, grow 21.3% .

To long-dated foreign trade expression, the easy program of assistant president of Chinese people bank of the 18th ministerial class meeting of money of international of IMF of close sunrise banquet and financial committee expresses, because export the global economy that will be brought about by current banking crisis,add fast the negative effect that puts delay, economy of Chinese next year is added fast will put delay. Chinese economy basically will be consumed what demand and foreign country invest to prop up by home, and the contribution that export increases to economy will is possibly 0 or negative worth.
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