Intermediate measures couplet travel: Beijing top class office building is hired
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The end of the year draws near gradually, a large number of office building and shopping centers are driven in the complete before the Olympic Games is held, hire for enterprise and shopkeeper enlarge thereby offerred many alternative. According to travel of intermediate quantity couplet newest research reports show, at present the renting demand of Beijing commerce real estate and supply poise basically. Intermediate measures president of couplet travel Beijing to writing brush De Wei points out: "We see market of Beijing top class office building before this hire beforehand rate it is only 25% the left and right sides, but this number is already adjacent now 50% . To high grade shopping centers, its are hired beforehand rate predict to will be achieved 80% and even higher level. Its are hired beforehand rate predict to will be achieved 80% and even higher level..

Measure couplet travel count according to intermediate, 2007 the 3rd quarter, office building of Beijing first class is new supply nearly 250000 square metre () of total floor area, did not cause very big impact to the market, average rent relatively on the quarter dropped only 1.0% . This quarter always inducts a quantity to make an appointment with 200000 square metre completely () of total floor area, adjacent go up 3 times of the quarter. Predict the empty buy of whole market leads next quarters to have possibly rise apparently, but rate of empty buy of whole of market of the 3rd quarter is in only on quarterly foundation rose to be less than 1% , go up to 15.6% . A few existing top class office building last in the light of tenement demand the circumstance with low rate of driving, empty buy raised rent, offsetted the market adds the adverse effect that reduces hire for answering newly thereby, this also alleviated greatly office building market is average the situation that hire drops.

Office building of first class of the 3rd quarter makes carry out market active, a large amount of markets trade include: The bank that start line of business was bought be located in Beijing east the sunny square of 2 annulus () of 124025 square metre; Occupy a story additionally, an estate fund below De Yinqi -- , country peaceful fund bought Beijing in order to be as high as the price of 700 million dollar company of national China estate.

Spend the project throw on the market of a large number of complete as the four seasons, intermediate quantity couplet predicts future all right inside a few months, the market appears likely still other a large amount of trading activity.
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