Intermediate measures couplet travel: Increase rate of hire of the Shanghai sinc
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Intermediate measures couplet to think all right, shanghai and Tokyo are market of estate core investment euqally

The whole world intermediate quantity couplet releases one of firms of adviser of 5 big estate yesterday all right the report says, the capital value of market of prospective Shanghai estate and hire go continuance 5 years the growth posture inside, next year and the period of time later, both will still maintain increase rate, but will under 2000 to 2006 period year of average increase rate of 14% .

Shanghai building market prise must invest for a long time

Han Ruijie represents director of district of China of travel of intermediate quantity couplet yesterday: "In overseas investor memory, shanghai has become the estate core like Tokyo, Sydney and Singapore to invest the market gradually. Shanghai has become the estate core like Tokyo, Sydney and Singapore to invest the market gradually..

Core investment is relative at opportunity investment character, it is to show blame agreeable invests behavior for a long time. The capital of core investor basically is wait for composition by emeritus fund and insurance company, chase relatively inferior return rate and low risk. And core invests the market, point to the market that core investor pays close attention to namely.

Han Ruijie expresses, core investor includes a few fields to Shanghai confident reason, the policy system that includes Shanghai is perfected gradually; Office building is retail wait for the property type that suits investment much; Property rents market stability, empty buy rate is low.

"In last few years, the office building empty buy of Shanghai is led again and again refresh history is new low, reduce the 6 % 2004 from the 20 % 2000, the empty buy rate this year had arrived 2 % . This lets long term investor is confident. This lets long term investor is confident..

Supply a side, the core capital of Shanghai field supplies a state occurrent change. Whole bought the assembly that the project trades to handed in amount to reach 3.2 billion dollar 2006. In the meantime, one includes Pu Xizhong business affairs area has been formed in the center of the clarity of area of heart region and Home Xiaoliu mouth. And the constant growth as transnational corporation, tend to the demand of office building stable. These elements decreased to trade, situation and rented risk, make more office property rise thereby make core capital.
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