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The newest report that comes from intermediate to measure couplet to go shows, this year first half of the year, shanghai a large amount of buying trade amount already near 2 billion dollar.

Intermediate measures couplet travel Shanghai to study He Enkai forecasts a chief inspector at the same time, as office building was supplied 2008 " blowout " year draw near, core invests trade amount, trade amount will have rapidder growth.

Opportunity sex investment invests change to core

Intermediate quantity couplet goes " global estate capital " the report shows, value the investment capital of 5 dollars, angle is worn value of 1 dollar can invest estate product, and direct business estate of the whole world invests the 495 billion dollar from 2005, raised the 682 billion dollar 2006, go up amount to 38% . What need to point out more is, these have the core estate that considering not less to increase their place hold to invest in investor.

And core investor pays close attention to Shanghai more and more. Han Ruijie represents director of district of China of department of investment of market of capital of Shanghai of travel of intermediate quantity couplet, from last year the bottom begins, a few asset such as international of new luxuriant edifice, marine large building, Mount Hua trade, the mark is worn Shanghai has begun to form core to invest the market.

He Enkai expresses, core investment basically is to point to, buy fund to pay attention to long-term investment, have long-term stable cash reserve in a bank to flow, and relatively inferior to investing return rate to ask long-term investor. It is reported, the capital that core invests basically originates emeritus fund and insurance company, leasehold forehead spends the bank to be in commonly 35% the following, the fixed number of year that owns property is 5-10 year, longer even, to investing return rate the requirement is in 8%-12% .

In fact, australia the property of high grade office of 90% , it is by core investor place hold. And Shanghai is formed in core investment before, the investment of Shanghai is bought basically give priority to with opportunity sex investment, the fixed number of year of general hold property is in opportunity sex investor 3-5 year, the investment return rate that they expect is in 20% above.

Shanghai building city is idiosyncratic attract firm investor

He Enkai expresses, shanghai core invests trade the volume will rise quickly, and opportunity sex investor will more active be in 2, 3 lines city. He thinks, anticipate to investing return rate as a result of opportunity sex investor taller, accordingly they find likely item harder and harder in Shanghai, but they won't withdraw Shanghai completely.
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