Dai Deliang goes: Press press of hire of office building of next year harbor
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Annulus  is hired in rise to clinch a deal to 122 yuan of new high stock markets halve is adverse

Hong Kong economy to good, mansion of business of first class of the area in be being added is supplied little, your market of office building of first class of the 2nd season keeps active, DTZ wears yesterday of heart bridge travel to publish an analysis to point out, uptodate in of annulus every are mean monthly substantial  is hired litre to 122 yuan of histories new tall, empty buy rate drops to 1.1% new low-level. Nevertheless, should point out all right, hire of mansion of business of the ring in first half of the year rises this year amount to 15% , anticipate with the beginning of the year the photograph if, be based on second by the influence, add the stock market to become double ratio fastigium 1, 0 yuan of halve, what brunt inducts an object with investing silver-colored behavior is medium because of,mansion of link division business is met hire defray bear the inadequacy that hire force, hire of second half of the year can develop smoothly only, promote a take to heart 0% to 5% , makings can rise to every square  128 yuan, and the annulus in including next year inside press press of makings of hire of core area office building.

Strategy of subregion of north of DTZ Dai Deliang travel develops advisory ministry to be in charge of Tao Ruhong to express, uptodate in center of annulus international banking 2 period individual unit  is hired already rose reach 200 yuan, achieve mansion of business of Hong Kong first class new tall  is hired, tall look forward to of hire of the annulus in be based on, make businesses of many core of enterprise Xiang Fei outspread, of the 2nd season in ring business mansion inducts a quantity to have 13 only completely, 851  , reach than the first season the corresponding period dropped greatly last year 91.7% reach 92.5% .

Second season inducts annulus in the volume falls greatly 9 into

He points out, as a result of in annulus hire tall look forward to, add little supply, the company that wants expansion extends optional location to blame core area only, among them with bay young / gong bay area is the most outstanding, this year of the 2nd season induct a quantity completely for 166, 860  , rise than the first season 55.1% , than last year the corresponding period rises 4.3 times greatly, average  hires 45 yuan, innovation is tall, rise than the first season 12.5% , than last year the corresponding period rises 32.4% , hire rises first half of the year this year for 10% , forecast than the beginning of the year the photograph if, because hire still is attracted, makings second half of the year bay young / it is good that the hire of mansion of business of gong bay division rises an annulus in comparing, rise about 5% to 10% .
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