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World nation Wei Lishi: Hire of Asian office building successively tall

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Be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei releases this year first quarter " market of Asian office building " the report shows: Upsurge of commercial house property still spreads in the Asia, the hire of first class office building of Asian most city achieves a history new tall, include the main business city such as Chinese Shanghai, Beijing. In addition, india is made the stay point with new transnational corporation by foreign capital favour, drive office building of urban first class waits with Banjialuoer in Bombay, heart hire presents two digit to grow first quarter this year.

Hire of city of domestic a gleam of goes up continuously

Today bright it is office building of domestic first class supplies a height two years, the first class office building of 3 ground of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou clinchs a deal the quantity achieved durative growth. Be in first quarter, of these 3 cities induct a quantity to achieve about 440 thousand square metre completely; In the meantime, hire level also is rising continuously. Above sea is exemple, this year first quarter the average rent of office building of Shanghai first class all the way raise, quarterly annulus compares growth 2.5% , achieve every months 203.9 yuan / square metre. The empty buy rate of whole town is 5.6 % , relatively went up to drop first quarter 2.1 percent.

Be in Beijing, the average rent of first class office building continues to maintain smooth growth first quarter this year, quarterly annulus compares growth 0.7% , achieve every months 175.2 yuan / square metre. A of China trade center, B office building and B of Beijing finance city wait for a project this quarter enters town, increase supply of 1.6 million square metre newly, the empty buy rate of this quarterly Beijing office building is 12.6% . In addition, be in Guangzhou, remove as a result of transnational corporation or patulous business, office building is rented trade very exuberant, among them market of first class office building is most active with IT and financial industry.

Indian commerce real estate is become " bestow favor on newly "

Be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei studies the report shows, in India, because high-grade office building is supplied,still be in short supply, most city the hire of real estate of this kind of commerce continues raise. Current, empty buy rate is the first class office building of Bombay only 2.1% . Supply basically is a few tenement remove go in other and sub market and " vacate " the office building area that give, these new areas that rent are inducted very quickly by the market, induct basically just give priority to with financial orgnaization. Luo Er is added in Indian class, most development business chooses one complete to let, get taller rent in order to expect; The hire of CBD region quotes annulus comparing grows 15.4% above first quarter this year.

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