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Move deity result is being moved however oneself right now however, week of flying body of only flashy catkin around the violet air with one layer upon layer boundless mist, violet gas breaks up in emerging, catkin flying muddy does not become aware Wang Hao leaves sadly with Feng Yuzhu like that like that, inside him body that becomes aware only move deity result seemed to have intelligence at this moment general, initiative move along billow of systemic passages through which vital energy circulates, of speed fast compared with that is great difference really before, a Zhou Tian had run in several breath time.

Abrupt, giant and the energy that abundant not can resist like that falls in the circumstance that is without foreboding, cong Jianzhu's place is transmitted, surrounded the whole body that catkin flies to, inside the body that then carries 100 conferences position on the head quickly to swarm into catkin to fly from the beginning, the energy that deity result moves inside mixture body crosses end gate with higher rate, wear clip backbone, dash forward cross bridge of heaven and earth, forum of ace of straight be willing to part with or use | Computer ace forum | Forum of water of heart of the world ace | Allied ace forum | Top ace forum leaves 12 heavy floors, passages through which vital energy circulates of catkin flying whole body should be torn off to the seem that go up by this enormous energy same, if be personally like hell,the anguish that suffers hard is transmitted, body is imperceptible in had been in on the ground.

A long time, in energy billowy in, catkin flies to become aware to ring with a loud crash in the head only, dizzy in the past.

Had not known how many moment, catkin flies gradually had a feeling, slowly opened an eye, the circumstance inside body of silent examine oneself, check under can't help gasping with astonishment! Systemic passages through which vital energy circulates has not known to broaden coarsened how many! Hit an example to say, the passages through which vital energy circulates previously is the brook between hill, present passages through which vital energy circulates is like great river of the Yangtse River general! Absolutely empty is however inside the pubic region, can't help below the heart saddened, only oneself work force was abandoned! Remember oneself once purpose, the look hopes Xiang She gets ace forum | Computer ace forum | Forum of water of heart of the world ace | Allied ace forum | Column of sword of top ace forum, entering order is shake more Jing is unusual: Sword column was done not have, remain one caboodle fine power only! Fortunately divine sword still is in, in the rock that is being inserted silently on the ground, awaiting catkin to fly it seems that this established host. Catkin flies away before going up, go, capture hilt very relaxed carried. Divine sword does not have foregoing repulsion, also do not have an energy or surprise move, just enter the feeling with buoyant hand to be blamed quite, it is divine sword does not have weight at all it seems that, it is like a feather in the hand.
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