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Was swept the big guy of interest played a little while on blue waves lake, feel to do not have a meaning, be forced to answer then school, when going back of course, be unavoidable to tongue-lash south bully day, also be, if it were not for because he, how can everybody do not have interest?

Later, catkin flies to once had asked Feng Yuzhu, why to like be bored with to be in his bosom so at that time, feng Yuzhu leans close in the bosom that catkin flies to to blush to say redly: "The flavour on your body is pleasant! "The flavour on your body is pleasant!!

Passed this work, 6 websites of Hong Kong combining variety are chased after in the school | The numerous personnel of Feng Yuzhu of admire of meeting government net just considers Hong Kong horse race complete give up the idea forever, refuse to obey? You go seeking catkin flying have a contest! Temporarily between, catkin flies into garden of one Lieutenant Colonel of at one's leisure talk endowment, appear with respect to somebody: "Are you arrogant what ox? Again arrogant is there catkin flying ox? Enough bravery is become bout 8 big King Kong. Enough bravery is become bout 8 big King Kong..

Catkin flies is only to these things somewhat hear of, not care a nut, catkin flies to although he can protect good A Zhu,just think of, can if are oneself beside her,you be? How to do?

Catkin flying thinking just decides repeatedly move a pithy formula of deity result passes Feng Yuzhu, but the effect is not too good however, unlike catkin flies in those days in that way of at a tremendous pace into condition, the reason that thinks of in the heart perhaps is to did not put fire on the ice 2 holes. Catkin flies can not know, in those days he can be 8 years old begin a practice, and Wang Hao like that to let him 6 websites of fast Hong Kong combining variety | Meeting government net becomes Hong Kong horse race or say the lot to save him, from him 5 years old begin to use strange precious medicinal material to immerse the body, still took do not know not to know black of how much ginseng head to wait for treasure of ground of day capable person, it is with oneself essence of life repaired 50 old heaven and earth more Gang gas is his get through the force with the person lifetime end of practice martial arts hard a superintend and director of get through 2 arteries and veins! Plus glacial fire of 2 holes auxiliary, he just is able to have today's success. Feng Yuzhu just is a cleverer girl, which can resemble him same!

Although such, after two months, move deity result or the magical ability that showed it to seize the good luck of heaven and earth on Feng Yuzhu's body, the most outstanding performance is 6 websites of abundant Hong Kong combining variety | Yu Zhu of meeting government net can resemble Hong Kong horse race catkin flies to center mentality to learn euqally, although time cannot abiding. Memory was to rise more many, although had not reached photographic state, but also be quite considerable, on study compared with for before more when save labour is saved.
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