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On the side a few are mixed mixed the one condition that treats catkin flying mention lightly to had crossed the distance with one much further a unit of length, oneself partner also is not said to give a word to come again by what a palm hits, of Dou Zhen stay over. Temporarily between, bilateral person did not talk, the voice that puff and blow of puff and blow pants hears only in weird atmosphere! Passed to have ten seconds fully, hong Kong 6 add up to colour to open award result | 6 websites of Hong Kong combining variety that so called south bully the talent has answered a god to come, still from impenitent appearance. Drink aloud: "Brother. Go up together, abandoned him to me, have what thing I am being carried! Go back one person delivers 1000 yuan premium! " a few are mixed mix the chopper that in taking out a waist, hides to bludgeon flocks and go up, did not drive sb. to his death for money! Bully him day hides to the back of everybody however south.

Catkin flying drop back one pace, it is Feng Yuzhu cuddle in the bosom: He is afraid that the other side takes the advantage of chaos to hurt her, as to him others natural meeting tries hard to take care of. And their back in oneself and Feng Yuzhu, having what him thing also is be the first to be affected. Came head on a chopper! Direction of left costal region came club of a balata, have more very person, a chopper is chopped to the Feng Yuzhu in the bosom actually come! Catkin flies result of deity of main use move, above all the back of a knife blade of the chopper that one explore captures the right hand to come head on, clever to Hong Kong 6 add up to colour to open award result | Before the conveniently brandish of bump of fine long hair of 6 websites combining variety opens his eyes, Hong Kong chops the chopper to Feng Yuzhu, subsequently the knife sinks downward, cut lived the balata of costal region of towards the left of beat a drum is marvellous. If 3 people meet with electrical shock, do not divide actually give out a frightening cry at the same time early or late! Someone else still rushs without there's still time, be flown to hold chopper by catkin or be cut or of chop move the get off one's hands of deity result shake is refuse the appliance in the hand, tiger's mouth-jaws of death bleeds climb was in on the ground, entered other 4 people breathe out went in the range that dad calls a woman.

3 5 except 2, a few small mix mix what be flown to clear away by catkin to lie on the ground to cry dad makes a woman, and south bully day is frightened early motionlessly, oneself sufferred unprecedented blow unexpectedly from the 8 big King Kong that make inapproachable town! There is a feeling suddenly in the heart. Catkin flies gently wear with arm cuddle Feng Yuzhu, on latter face however the smile is abundant, with the shears that talks to appearing to meet eye looks at terrified terrified south bully day, hear the say with Feikouzhong is clear and strong catkin only: "Still do not let them boil? " south bully day just wakes like the dream, knowing the other side a moment ago was lenient, hasten carrying a few weapon, boil repeatedly belt those who climb fall barren and go.
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