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Spring Festival catkin of that year flies without decline cereal, because he tells path adoptive father,still shutting close in, go back to also cannot disturb an adoptive father, in the depth of his heart, cordial hope adoptive father can no longer distressed.

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Elevatory 3 exams, the English that catkin flies to seizes entire school champion with full marks brave of 100 minutes, replaced her position! Other course actors or actress completely! The composition of the most difficult full marks reads a teacher east heart to sign up for via the horse in entire school English 123 period | Water of heart of thunder sharp edge advocate forum | Hong Kong 6 add up to what colour opens award result discuss fell to also obtain full marks, with entire school the first achievement realized his brave words into class hour. Also created whole high school the record on education history, it is unprecedented really, arrival is not had after! And this just is a year short the time that be less than ah!

Time of a year, catkin flies in the fame in the school to become at the summit of one's power, the talent with the most magical this century that be called. Catkin flies to did not forget an adoptive father to tell his word, in east of congress of entire school teachers and students heart classics horse signs up for 123 period | Water of heart of thunder sharp edge advocate forum | Hong Kong 6 close to colour opens award result to go up and did not disclose oneself exceed strong memory, just answer school Fang Zhi made a report about studying a method about, of perfunctory dealt with the past.

Enter tall 3, all students are more busier than before. After all, to the student, exceedingly good result is being obtained in the university entrance exam July is the optimal pattern that confirms mug of 10 years of cold windows, and this also is the parent and teacher measure a student outstanding an only standard, although quality taught old standard to hold high,have a few long time, enter a higher school remains the only outlet of high school student it seems that however.

Catkin flies and Feng Yuzhu did not resemble them however euqally busy terribly defeated. In association of nearly one year, they arrive from acquaintance bosom friend, resembling is dim in be destined general, horse of classics of Oriental without a bit heart signs up for 123 period | Water of heart of thunder sharp edge advocate forum | Hong Kong 6 add up to colour to open award result reluctance. Be in with respect to beautiful Feng Yuzhu originally of love moist falling is to become more round of bright moon in handsoming the handsome is like a sky, sending out up and down all over breathtaking glamour, fly to be laughed to call Jin Tongyu by teachers and students together with catkin for a short while female, of course this or the cause that because catkin flies,the study result with Feng Yuzhu is runner-up of entire school coronal.

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