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Shanghai announces new standard of general goods residence inside month
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A few days ago, shanghai published 14 buildings city new politics, buy a house in order to stimulate. Yesterday, fu Qi of analyst of easy house China is being accepted " daily economy news " when interviewing, express, 14 impacts to the market are not big, because the move of policy is to be aimed at average house mainly, and the market is at present medium, the amount of average house is not much.

21 centuries are praedial Yellow River of analyst of center of Shanghai region market billows think, in secondhand the room trades in, ” of “ average house and “ are not the cognizance of average house ” , wait for value added tax of duty of agree of immediate impact building, individual income tax, business tax, land revenue expenses. If be maintained to be “ to be not average house ” , secondhand the buyers and sellers of the room is about to pay duty fee more accordingly. After be being limitted afresh, can cut down considerably trade cost, stimulative market flourishs. “ at least recently this period of time, the client won't consider to buy a house, and should when detailed rules comes on stage. ”

A staff member of Shanghai Bureau of Finance discloses, the standard of general goods residence of Shanghai is in new formulate, the fastest will at be being announced before lunar base.

The average house metric system of the Shanghai before this is ordered 1995, ratio of volume of building of formulary residence village is in 1 above; Sheet covers floor area to be under 140 square metre; Clinch a deal actually the price under trade on average with the housing on level land the price 1.44 times the following, be located in core line less than under 17500 yuan / square metre, between core and outer shroud under 10000 yuan / square metre, beyond outer shroud line under 7000 yuan / square metre.

Bless power every day the room extends a network Xue Jianxiong of research center director introduces, accord with the average house of afore-mentioned standards, occupy the 1/3 of gross of Shanghai commodity house only, and the exurb outside be located in outer shroud for the most part.