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3 duty move agree duty together most province
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Unite deploy according to the State Council, the Ministry of finance and people bank borrowed policy and estate tax rate to undertake with respect to the room substantially adjust. This includes loan interest rate, head the adjustment that pays to wait for many sided with tax rate. Bank group public figure saves a room to borrow the actual condition of the market according to Shandong, to above the regulation undertook detailed and analytic.

   Fall agree duty: It is 3 duty the biggest profit in adjusting is good

Policy regulation, since November 1, 2008, buy 90 square metre and the following and common housing first to the individual, agree tax tax rate is reduced 1% ; Impose stamp tax to the individual is sold or buying housing of short duration to avoid; To the individual sale housing of short duration is avoided impose land value added tax.

Shandong saves analysis of bank group public figure to think, adjust in this 3 duty in, right the person that buy a house is the most advantageous is agree duty is reduced, it is stamp duty is avoided next proof, it is land value added tax is avoided again proof. At present I save executive contract tax law to decide tax rate for 3% , dweller for private use is common the residence (90 square metre are the following) halve is collected namely 1.5% . That is to say, 90 square metre are the following housing, after agree duty is reduced, taxes reduced 0.5 percent of house price.

Stamp duty and land value added tax are avoided proof, basically be to be those who strengthen a building to be on the move quality, affect in fact finite. At present the tax rate of stamp duty is extremely, land value added tax basically is collected in the light of ” of “ trade house, in dweller housing land value added tax is “ idling ” commonly, often can avoid.

Be opposite at present secondhand the room trades the policy with the oldest influence is, room age is in of 5 years of less than secondhand the room trades, must total of pay house price the business tax of 5.5% , the agree duty of 1.5% (apartment and high-grade property are 3%) , the individual income tax of 1% and the stamp duty of 0.1% . Calculate always come down, of 5 years of less than secondhand the room trades 8.1% what deal with all sorts of imposition to reach house price.

   Old client: The ability since 2009 is enjoyed 7 change interest rate

Policy regulation, people bank decides to rise from October 27, 2008, buy first to the dweller common mix from housing improvement common provide loan from housing, the floor level of loan interest rate but expand into loan is 0.7 times of interest rate more standard, lowermost head pays scale is adjusted for 20% .

Shandong saves bank group public figure to analyse the introduction, according to the convention, be like the person that buy a house was on October 27, 2008 hind bought housing, can enjoy since bought day so 7 lose interest rate privilege; If be from the housing that buys before October 27, 2008, so interest rate of its loan privilege should be adjusted since January 1, 2009, this namely “ fixed day adjusts ” policy. Be in commonly when signing a contract, silver-colored guild offers interest rate “ to secure day to adjust ” and “ second period adjust ” two kinds of choices, if client midway is revised, answer to arrange penalty due to breach of contract of directional bank pay according to the contract, amount of penalty due to breach of contract is the loan interest of a month commonly.
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