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Village property expends the collection that divide level
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  On October 21, branch of city price, house property publishs property service to collect fees jointly executive method, fromOn November 1SinceCarry out, the property that sets average house is public the service collects fees price of guidance of solid administration seat of government, divide for 5 grade level, be not the residence to wait to close with room and generation do sth for sb the service collects fees execute the market to adjust valence.
Current, average house of the urban district is public service rate, already provided sectional basis by city price, room the element such as the service content of the hardware establishment of property, environment and property management company, standard, the order and degree that makes phasing answer collects fees fiducial price and float extent, divide in all for 5 grade, among them, one class does not have elevator 0.25 yuan / square metre (all show card of property right of every months of every square metre registers an area) , have elevator 0.35 yuan / square metre; 2 class do not have elevator 0.35 yuan / square metre, have elevator 0.45 yuan / square metre; 3 class do not have elevator 0.45 yuan / square metre, have elevator 0.55 yuan / square metre; 4 class do not have elevator 0.55 yuan / square metre, have elevator 0.65 yuan / square metre; 5 class do not have elevator 0.7 yuan / square metre, have elevator 0.8 yuan / square metre. Have the rate of elevator residence, do not contain the share of charge of electricity that elevator uses.
Above of 6 months after owner deals with stop add (contain 6 months) did not enter or above of 6 months after be being entered (contain 6 months) property of untapped empty buy, owner should serve an industry to property written put on record, press a regulation or agree of public service rate 70% hand in service of empty buy property to collect fees. In addition, property precinct suffers owner committee to entrust inside region, the motor vehicle car that executive person specially assigned for a task runs park serves cost, by property service company book faces market price case to be in charge of a branch to offer application, press by price branch make under rate of parking lot of social motor vehicle