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Fujian " untie a person " save building city: Condition of agree duty halve rela
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“ unit price is in every square metre the room source under 7000 yuan of RMBs, condition of agree duty halve relaxes again the room source that; already handled a bank to mortgage, cancel a condition to relax considerably, make over more convenient ” again, this is Fuzhou new the ” of another “ untie a person that roll out saves building city new politics.

Face building city hasten cold, fuzhou afterwards came on stage in August relevant move again after new rule, launch the operation that help city. When public figure of real estate group accepts a reporter 22 days to interview, think here, this action conduces to reduce secondhand the room trades cost, spur building city demand.

To saving building city, zhang Zhina of Fujian Province vice-governor is analysed in this economic situation between express on the meeting, fujian publishs research stimulative estate to last the concrete step of healthy progress, increase cheap to hire room, economy applicable room and in small family, in room of low price general goods is supplied.

Before this year 3 quarters, fujian rolls out project of housing of sex of of all kinds safeguard 182, total floor area more than 80980 square metre, be in among them build a project 129, total floor area more than 70880 square metre, housing of low income family is difficult in settling a city. Up to by August, fujian adds the cheap of family of difficulty of low income housing in settling 5138 cities newly to hire housing.

Current, wave motion of Fujian estate market is bigger. Before this year 3 quarters, estate investment is added fast compared to the same period fall after a rise 25.3 percent, part first half of the year than be being mixed first quarter fall after a rise 9.4, 5.3 percent; trades the volume drops apparently, commodity puts sale area to drop 25.6% , sale drops area of empty place of house of 27.4% ; commodity continues to increase, rise 21.1% .