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Power sea adjusts policy of accumulation fund loan to help difficult worker buy
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Xinhua net Jinan on October 21 special telegram (reporter Deng Weihua) the reporter learns from Shandong province government, power sea city adjusted policy of accumulation fund loan a few days ago, buy economy with helping capture put the low income worker of accumulation fund to solve the loan difficult problem of applicable housing.

According to the policy of accumulation fund loan after power sea city is adjusted, husband and wife among them a normal and successive capture puts accumulation fund 1 year above, capture does not put a person buy room contract to sign a person, also can apply for accumulation fund loan directly. Normal to the unit successive capture is put but the worker with individual account insufficient remaining sum, allow accumulation fund of worker filling pay. Specified amount of worker month reimbursement by do not exceed domestic month income 50% relax not to exceed 75% .

Applicable housing loan implements economy premonitory register the kind that imposes whole journey to assure, avoid receive displacement earnest money. On mortage to offerring him to manage house property, need to deal with notarization of a third party to the notary organization, in economy applicable housing acquires property right guaranty displacement formalities is dealt with afresh after card.

It is reported, urban district of power sea city will have more than 3300 economy this year applicable housing appears on the market sale.