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Shanghai estate market saves 14 policy of city to come on stage
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Wait for spirit of sectional relevant document according to bank of people of total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state, China, combinative Shanghai is actual, general office of Shanghai people government yesterday transmit city builds liaison man appoint, of formulate of bureau of natural resources of land of program of management board of building of safeguard of housing of bureau of tax of land of city Bureau of Finance, city, city, city " a certain number of opinions that about promoting this city estate market health develops " :

One, buy 90 square metre and the following and common housing first to the individual, of short duration of agree tax tax rate is unified reduce 1% , buy a room to prove to trade by city estate first center issue.

2, impose stamp tax to the individual is sold or buying housing of short duration to avoid.

3, to the individual sale housing of short duration is avoided impose land value added tax.

4, buy first to the dweller common mix from housing improvement common provide loan from housing, the floor level of its loan interest rate but expand into loan is 0.7 times of interest rate more standard, lowermost head pays scale is adjusted for 20% .

5, reduce interest rate of loan of individual housing accumulation fund, each class interest rate reduces 0.27 percent respectively.

6, the individual will buy common housing of more than 2 years to be sold external, individual not burden business tax.

7, the individual makes over for private use 2 years above, and be the earning that the family lives exclusively to be obtained with the room, individual not burden individual income tax.

8, buy live oneself of common housing, housing accumulation fund borrows money lowermost head pays scale to adjust to 20% . Live oneself to be being bought for the first time the family of common housing, below the circumstance that accords with loan requirement, each borrower is basic accumulation fund is top can borrow the forehead to spend raise 300 thousand yuan from 200 thousand yuan, highest loan limit is every family 600 thousand yuan. Be like those who have compensatory housing accumulation fund, highest loan limit is every family 800 thousand yuan.

9, avoid the housing that receives an individual to buy common housing to register cost and individual business to put the housing that measures common housing to trade (make over) poundage.

10, adjust this city common housing standard. Specific provision is announced separately by the branch such as Wu of earth of building, compasses, finance, duty.

11, continue to increase old division of central the city zone to transform strength, the key is old to becoming a 2 form in the following building is carried out transform, “ is torn open, change, leave ” to develop simultaneously, improve condition of housing of old division resident hard.
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