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0.5%-1% of the person that house of Nanjing allowance commodity buys a house dev
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Nanjing municipal government yesterday (on October 21) hold a press conference, xia Dezhi of spokesman of deputy director general of bureau of this city statistic, news introduces, area of sale of house of this city commodity and sale all compare before this year 3 quarters the corresponding period dropped last year about 4 into, pull on certain level low income of this city finance. The State Council that publishs series to save city measure to reach 17 days in this city is standing the conference puts forward to reduce housing to trade after duty is expended, this city develops business confidence index to pick up somewhat.

Xia Dezhi introduces, this year 1—3 quarter, house of this city commodity sells an area to be four million five hundred and fifty-two thousand five hundred square metre, than last year the corresponding period drops 40.4% ; Sale is twenty-four billion three hundred and fifty-four million yuan, than last year the corresponding period drops 36.9% . Suffer industry and real estate benefit to glide influence, amplitude of income of this city finance drops compared to the same period 10.5 percent.

Recently, nanjing city publishs policy, undertake pressing ”0.5%—1% of area “ allowance to buying general goods house, estate develops a business but delay capture, cost is built related pay in installment. Many development business begin to restore to the confidence of the market. Be opposite according to this bureau this city is close 300, distributing the investigation of the key entrepreneur at disparate industry, among them index of boom of estate entrepreneur confidence is as high as 139, than going up quarterly tower above 3 percent.