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Guangzhou strengthens house property to mortgage room of barrier of orgnaization
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The reporter is in charge of bureau know 21 days from room of Guangzhou city land, buy the security that the room borrows money to ensure a bank to extend, protect rights and interests of the person that buy a house, guangzhou town near future publishs formulary standard estate to mortgage service behavior, announce those who mortgage service orgnaization and personnel regularly sincere letter mark, guide citizen safety to buy a house.

According to room of Guangzhou city land tubal bureau introduces, after estate mortgages service industry to appear, because do not have clear industry travel

For the standard, office of a few attorneys, advisory company also is in induct estate to mortgage service business, existence is returned to use a holiday to mortgage diddle inside the industry loan, reduce collect fees contend for grab the issue such as passenger source.

For this, sectional near future came on stage related Guangzhou city " the announcement that serves orgnaization and personnel administration about strengthening Guangzhou city estate to mortgage " requirement estate mortgages a service when orgnaization and personnel are engaged in estate mortgaging a service, must obtain estate intermediary to serve orgnaization aptitude and qualification; Each commercial bank serves orgnaization intelligence letter or qualificatory certificate to cannot providing estate medium mortgage service orgnaization and personnel, will reject to be dealt with for its about do sth for sb mortgage business to wait.

In the meantime, branch of canal of Guangzhou town house still will mortgage service orgnaization and personnel to bring into intermediary government of sincere letter system, announce those who mortgage service orgnaization and personnel regularly sincere letter mark, let citizen and bank be on open, transparent platform, choice major, normative mortgage service orgnaization to provide a service, safety buys a house.

Bureau of canal of room of Guangzhou city land still warns a citizen, entrusting mortgage service orgnaization to do sth for sb when mortgaging, should with mortgage service orgnaization to sign written entrust a contract, obligation of affirmatory service limits, bilateral right and mortgage service fee to wait. Beware certain non-standard manage mortgage service orgnaization to use after mortgaging service fee inferiorly to attract a client, cannot be offerred or finish concerned service item, harm client interest.

Current, guangzhou city already had Guangzhou 100 million amount to mortgage service limited company, Guangzhou to collect vasting adviser limited company, Guangzhou the estate that 20 classics such as money adviser limited company put on record mortgages Baolaili service orgnaization.