Yantai to build the eastern business district CBD complete skeleton
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10 journalists from Laishan government that, as of now, the central business district of Yantai in eastern fast forward to Spring Avenue as the axis of the central business district of Yantai in eastern sides of the project has been basically covered a total investment of 170 million yuan, to surrounding radiation , after 3 years of carefully orchestrated, Yantai in eastern business district CBD framework has been set up complete, the early international coastal city "main core" profile.
CBD "skeleton" structures complete

Yantai in eastern CBD (Central Business District) is located in Laishan center to meet
Zhen Chun middle of the street that the road to focus on Hong Kong section of East Avenue, to the surrounding radiation. The planning department experts, the planning for the three major sections of functional areas: Yantai City financial center for finance, hospitality, business, office as a whole, reflect the modern, technology, and efficient regional; commercial leisure and entertainment district, focused on large-scale commercial shopping center and hotel hospitality projects, the west side of the business, leisure, entertainment, culture, the main pedestrian street, constitute the urban open public space; Senior Business District, arranged a number of high-grade commercial office buildings, large commercial service facilities, providing a wealth of urban living space .

According to the plan, the CBD project development cycle is 3-5 years, when completed, will cover the finance, insurance, high-end business, large commercial, high-tech research and development, culture, entertainment and restaurants such as the six-star hotel features, within 15 minutes radiation more than 100 million consumer population.

After nearly 3 years of construction, at present, Lai Shan completed and talking about the 8 major shopping malls, construction area of over 450,000 square meters; completed and the construction of 26 large hotels, four star and above 16; built in the construction of the city's comprehensive body 5, a total investment of 16.14 billion yuan, more than 300 million square meters of building area; Yantai East Business District CBD "skeleton" structures complete. The eastern business district to attract investment over 17 billion

"Building the east of Yantai construction of a modern central business district of Binhai New Area as the 'main core', not only to build new roads and tall buildings, but also through the 'magnet effect', attracting people and related industries to this city is 'live' up. "According to the person in charge Laishan, since 2008, the eastern central business district has built 524 high-rise balcony, an increase of 422 over 2006, under construction, to be built close to 200; present, total length of 10 li The Spring Street, has introduced 36 projects layout, with a total investment of more than 17 billion yuan.

Set of high-end shopping, entertainment and leisure in one of the major integrated Ginza shopping mall put into operation in August this year, opening, has received more than 27 million customers, average daily turnover nearly 60 million. Total investment of 8.0 billion in Vientiane City is busy building 2 billion investment in the UK supermarket Tesco has already started promoting gold trading center is on schedule, Xintiandi Plaza, the city is undertaking preparatory work for the project is expected end of this year, days and building the main project will be completed the construction of large commercial complex will be formed of Yantai in eastern landmark.

Central Business District has built a facility with first class education, health care, social security, employment and other facilities, Yantai colorful cultural square, social welfare centers, public health centers, the PLA 107 Hospital, Lai Shan Branch, Comprehensive Service Facilities standardized comprehensive engineering schools livelihood projects such as the six full blossom. Complete and perfect pulse CBD

Central Business District, the new road along the main street located in Spring, since 2008, the business district with planning, demolition, investment progress, supporting construction of the road in full swing.

Currently, the total investment of 11.6 billion yuan, the total length of 35.8 km the road center of the road network and construction is advancing, in which Aboriginal Road, Shuang Road, Shuang Xi Road, Phoenix Road, Phoenix Road, Shan South Road, has opened to traffic , Zhen road, Phoenix Road, Golden Beach Road, Changning Road, Hing Road and other roads is also building five, with the constant improvement of urban road construction, an efficient transport network infrastructure is taking shape.

In addition, the transformation of the original road widening not only solve the traffic pressure, also in accordance with the "One Street, One Product" requirements, on both sides of the road coupled with different types of flowers and trees, to ensure that three quarters of flowering, evergreen, and further into a business Landscape Area Boulevard.

At the same time, water, electricity, heating, communications, water supply and drainage facilities and other infrastructure works and road construction simultaneously, synchronization is complete.

Central business district transportation, education, health care, sports, radio, television, business, entertainment, hotels and so improve the urban infrastructure, but also created the residents convenient and comfortable living environment. CBD building to a more livable "rich multi-faceted"

The construction of the eastern CBD, not only on business, finance, business, office and other imported items, leisure building, also sought to enhance the CBD values, culture, entertainment and leisure venues such as the development, afforestation, water features and other urban design elements increase, but also establish a central business district of the rich polyhedra image.

Currently, the business district a total investment of 286 million yuan of Guangdang River Green Belt Park Landscape project started construction, at present, Guangdang River Green Belt Park Project Phase I has been completed for 40%, Green Belt Park in the first half of next year green, lighting, sound and other supporting facilities, in May 2011 put into use. Completed, will have built the Phoenix Mountains Park and the upcoming construction of Tiger Mountain Park, Ma Shangong Park and other projects together, form a group-level urban landscape.

In addition, the district planning and construction of the Neighborhood parks, public squares 12 to facilitate the flow of activities in the city; Area film culture inside the park, sports center, each one performing arts theater, fitness and entertainment Leisure Circle 5 minutes basically formed the main framework .

Central Business District, Yantai, east since 2008 the planning and construction, is expected in the next few years, this will become an eastern Yantai facilities, should be for living and business model for new urban development.