Plum of king of ground of Shanghai general Tuo opens 2 degrees
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Fool from the insanity 2007 grab contend for local king to contend for the king that return the land to the unmanned make inquires 2008, the destiny of a land refracts the free and easy that gives domestic estate market to rise and fall.

On October 16, once infinite scene high price " get married " suffer the Shanghai that returns the land grows wind again however " king of Pu Tuo ground " appear on the market afresh, the name wins for Shanghai China the enterprise of estate development limited company acquires land with seven hundred and sixty-four million one hundred and thirty-two thousand yuan sale base price.

Making what everybody is surprised is, industrial and commercial data shows, shanghai wins China the Shanghai mark that Zheng Jianyou of legal person delegate advances to return the land before this just about becomes partner, and the president Zheng that Shanghai annals becomes builds salary just is Shanghai wins China control a person actually.

Retreat enter, a year between, land clinchs a deal the price however from fall 1.104 billion yuan continuously at the outset reach 764 million yuan, not plan the cost of break a contact that the possibility that return the land produces, annals is become borrow cost of the land below this province to amount to 340 million yuan.

"Does the snake swallow an elephant " example?

On September 26, 2007, area of business affairs of zoology of wind of general Tuo warden 4 southeast plot (the following abbreviation " long wind plot " ) contest mark spot. Countrywide land price is worth when those fervent go up, wang Zhi of each district ground contends for like a raging fire to move restlessly perform. Long wind plot belongs to popular gold plot this however hang out 314 million yuan of base price with relatively other inferior parcel length wind.

Roc embellish is landed below beautiful group of the nation before this and its banner area of business affairs of zoology of wind of warden of Ceng Yupu Tuo signs comprehensive cooperation agreement, make known his position clearly to will growing wind garden area to prepare to construct headquarters of Hua Dong of national beautiful group.

However, this abacus comes to nothing because of killing a dark horse that go out on the way however. Full 2 many hours, 440 rounds after biting the contest value that does not put closely, little known Shanghai annals is become however amaze the people with a single brilliant feat, send price with rising high too 1.104 billion yuan of high price of 2.5 times are grabbed issue this to make an appointment with sixteen thousand four hundred yuan / of square metre " king of Pu Tuo ground " .
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