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Every week, gu Liang wants with abroad orgnaization meet and discuss, it is Email or phone sometimes, sometimes flat meet a little.

In the abroad orgnaization list that secures connection in Gu Liang, magenshidanli (the following abbreviation " big rub) He Leiman's brother is among them two.

Measure couplet to invest director of ministry China district all right to the intermediate that just assumed office this this year in May for, the most serious job content is a help overseas investor sells and search appropriate Chinese estate to invest a project.

Look on face of this labour tabulation and affect without what get American finance storm, still undertake in ground of in an orderly way. By September, lei Man's brother made a telephone call, their routine ground enquired market condition, exchanged everybody to be opposite the view of estate market. With big rub connection still weekly ground undertakes, but what the other side delivers the past to Gu Liang is potential buy an information and did not show due positive attitude.

Of this and outside guess be widely divergent. From September the middle ten days of a month begins, go about casting urgent cast dish message cause a temporary clamor, one of leading role of the message are to be not entered only for years those who go out is big rub. "Most person is guessing why we can be this moment sells property, these property are taken had become very hot in the hand hand. " big rub is one in-house personage right " weekly of the first finance and economics " ? Say.

Be included by the outside " undersell " of list big rub property has: Apartment and Mount Hua summer enclosed ground for growing trees in the center of mouth of home of boarding house of world of bright and beautiful Lin, land. Their great majority is big rub what purchase between 2006 come 2003. " wall street daily " the view of cite analysis personage, say to sell this for " the building sells to cover during astute foreign investor is lending the market high point now " .

Other and overseas investor also is passed to sell respective landed asset. Include among them: Aig plans to sell bank of Shanghai store, beautiful banner plans to sell Min Hang small family of two high levels apartment, Lei Man's brother is Yuan Jizhong of scene of water transport river mansion of blessing brine business (hind incognito for Cheng Bangguo border) seek equity to make over, the Nanjing that United States forest drafts to make over under one's name on the west road project. But afore-mentioned investment orgnaizations all express not to grant to this almost buy is judged.
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