Office building of 8 years of Dalian price rises exceed 10%
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Face O8 year the price of residential market is fluctuant, DTZ wears department of trade of heart bridge travel (office building acts as agent) senior manager Yang Guohong tells a reporter for certain, "Office building market won't depreciate " . Poplar the director says: "Business market wave motion is bigger, the market that rent is more prosperous. With price of office building of Dalian of in former years the increase rate photograph of 5% is compared, go up 8 years exceeded 10% . Can say investment prospect is first-rate. Can say investment prospect is first-rate..

His analysis thinks, the bubble of office building market is very little, the client's financing is more abundant, and before had not sold the house however on the price, because market of this office building invests to do not have occurrence risk signal, 8 years at the same time product of market of Dalian office building puts an amount original less, these brought about the flourishing of market of office building of 8 years of Dalian directly. He warns the investor of office building market critically, the biggest risk of office building market comes from Yu Mou namely quantity of one period supply is more than market digestion, and Dalian market furnishs inside nearly 3 years the amount is particularly small, be the gold period of investment.

Hope the edifice already was bought by whole of foreign capital fund

Mention the office building of Dalian, have to carry be known as edifice of hope of architectural of sex of Dalian city sign. In lay aside old hind, by September 2005, dalian 100 million amount to a group to combined the United States to luck of Magendatong, Hong Kong brings a group and buy hope large building, and from the edifice former partner Korea bought all equity in contemporary group, modern trader and contemporary construction, established hope edifice limited company jointly, this among them running is finished all right by DTZ Dai Deliang, include its to be hired solely annul representative and entrusting property management to serve completely all is by DTZ Dai Deliang travel whole journey is offerred.

The thing lies between 3 years, the hope edifice nowadays, accord with the accepted standard of office building of international first class, enter rate had exceeded 6 to become, become northeast and best first class to write very quickly. Appreciate tremendously as a result of its latent capacity, hope edifice had been bought by whole of fund of some foreign capital a few days ago, the 2nd times of hope edifice luxuriant face about also wears De Liang to hold a knife all right by DTZ.
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