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As this the home does not have any is in debt almost, go bankrupt unlikelily appear on the market the president of the company, pan Shige tells " finance and economics " reporter, after the opinion that listens to a few Hong Kong and American market personage, he is being calculated nowadays, if remove a company to enter Zhang without income of a minute of cash from now, below the situation that still needs to continue to pay a project paragraph and fee of all sorts of land moneys, duty at the same time, soho China whether prop up a year of time again.

"In this kind worst circumstance falls, can support so long development business only, just assure to be able to live come down. " Pan Shige says, "Major development business encounters this kind of situation, the likelihood does not sustain even a month " .

Late on October 22, the Ministry of finance publishs derate to trade link duty expends " help city " policy, did not make Pan Shige low to lasting heart of confused reply of estate market extensive.

"The government publishs any policy that help city now, cannot have turned round the declining tendency of estate market " , pan Shige says. Look in him, the government had missed first-rate to save city opportunity.

The market goes situation general is " L " model

Pan Shige thinks, the government had missed two opportunities that help city at present. When saving city to be nowadays late already.

"This year in April, if the government helps city, estate market appears very easily rebound. So the market goes situation can be " V " word. During the Olympic Games, if the government helps city, estate market may be in those who last 9 years is low after confusing, appear rebound, so the market goes situation can be " U " word. Nowadays, it is good that the government publishs any benefits again policy, all help room city hard already, the market goes situation can be only " L " model, when to appear rebound, cannot anticipate. Cannot anticipate..

Pan Shige says, grow the city such as the Nanjing of trigonometry area, Hangzhou, appear inside close a week clinch a deal of the quantity rebound, do not have any relations very much with the benefit that help city. On September 15, in Lei Man brother goes bankrupt that day, the Central Bank decides to lower interest. Pan Shige publishs Bo Wen to say, "The liberation army came, come so that do not calculate fortunately too late " .

"I still think at that time, the likelihood is in the policy of the government that help city to be able to be announced the following day come out, but did not think of, procrastinated so long " , pan Shige says, "That is the last opportunity, if help,help city, save a day late, the circumstance is met different. The circumstance is met different..
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