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Late on October 22, the Ministry of finance is announced about continue to increase safeguard the people's livelihood is devoted strength, cogent 10 provisions that settle low income masses to live basically. With day, the Central Bank also publishs the policy of form a complete set of as new as the Ministry of finance rule: Since October 27, 2008, enlarge extent of the float below interest rate of loan of commerciality individual housing, adjust lowermost head to pay scale. The measure helping city of market rumor a long time thes whole thing comes to light eventually. The personage inside course of study is analysed, although just be reduced this first duty of buy employment contract and avoid ask for stamp duty to wait, see this is a government not hard the hope adopts these measure, make consumer builds confidence afresh. The arrival of the bigger profit good news that public figure of estate intermediary trade still looks forward to business tax, value added tax to reduce.

Valence needs a bank that still is buyers and sellers

"Place a stand " a be house property intermediary commonly used word, mean the bade that buy the home and owner price to be close to relatively (call its inside course of study " to valence " ) , become trading circumstance to fall through matching hurried likely, landed agent sees buyers and sellers undertakes exchanging views about at the same time, become trading process with period hurried. An Hao of Liu of chief inspector of market of 10 thousand property introduces, the closing quotation amount of inn of National Day front door is quite considerable, but quantity receiving a visitor all was not like person meaning; The closing quotation after National Day is measured and receive a guest to estimate marked increase, the market gradually active. Nevertheless, current and secondhand the market is real " to valence " property is not much, buyers and sellers still lies condition of be locked in a seesaw struggle, intermediary hard " place a stand " , delay the plan that trades slow thereby. Showed 3 issues from this: "Above all, rigid demand as before exuberant; Next, in low unit is quite welcome; Still have, it is valence difference still is a bank between buyers and sellers. It is valence difference still is a bank between buyers and sellers..

It is easier to decrease duty to allow a room " to valence "

After buying a water shop sign that sees intermediary door inn not less now, it is normally to the first word of agent, "The property of 800 thousand, 750 thousand sell do not sell? " Liu Anhao estimates, below buyer dominant market, owner make a price is realer, fall it is normally between the 3 % of 1 %  ̄ of make a price, the psychological price difference of buyers and sellers amounts to 5 %  ̄ generally nowadays 8 % , this virtually increased the difficulty that clinch a deal. Usually, intermediary can need the talent when be in 89 yuan in valence only careful use " place a stand " means, if exceed this range, harmonious rise to compare difficulty. If the tax cost such as business tax, individual income tax is reduced, the price of will direct contractible both sides is poor, when property " to valence " when, the possibility that clinch a deal increases.
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