Financial market hits out commerce of 2.1 billion regain of ground of the circle
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The analyst predicts, before house property business is beyond the mark and careful, buy ground estimation to want to sold 2010 now, at the appointed time house price already get warm again after a cold spell, the risk won't be too high

Mouth of goverment office in feudal China of stone scene hill is located in Beijing on the west near 5 annulus, periphery has a few railroad to cross, around see what already became dimensions is uptown very hard. But will come in what can predict, here perhaps can become a flourishing community.

On October 18, made Beijing successfully " financial market (000402, ) " market of land agent banking (000402, ) (000402.SZ) release announcement to say, composition of company and limited company of development of Beijing Shikai estate bids combine, obtain mouth of goverment office in feudal China of Shi Jingshan area to live with 1.225 billion yuan through means of invite public bidding, fair build with the ground state-owned land access.

And before this on September 22, financial market ever released announcement to say, buy with 903 million yuan revive door project.

Young lady of king of manager of department of concern of financial market investor is responded to, "Industry trend is not clear now, we and other person of the same trade are same, do not hold in the arms to the market hopeful. Do not hold in the arms to the market hopeful..

October, in bay of gold of city of financial market benefit the project is recommended on the meeting, liu Shichun of limited company president represents industry of buy of city of financial market benefit, "Landed adjustment period control in 2 years about, the core product of the company won't be affected greatly, and the inning that the just of certain fractionize domain in business affairs real estate is a development. And the inning that the just of certain fractionize domain in business affairs real estate is a development..

Company and analyst all think " very be to one's profit "

"These plot are to had run 9 years. We did not prepare dilate, but consider for partner, we won't miss the project that has petty gain of course. " the action buying the land that managers of afore-mentioned investor concern department explain financial market so.

Two skill of financial market near future, inside course of study the personage looks, compare be to one's profit really. According to financial market on October 18 announcement, the land of area of mouth of goverment office in feudal China of area of Beijing stone Jing Shan, the property that use the land is live, commercial finance, cover an area of an area to be two hundred and sixty-three thousand four hundred square metre, program floor area three hundred and fifty thousand seven hundred square metre, among them, contain floor area to be the housing of price fixing commodity of 50 thousand square metre. And the building costing that plans according to its, the land cost of every square metre is 3493 yuan.
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