Owner supplies office building of first class of Shanghai of discretion of tenem
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Domestic economy is added fast put delay, and the United States second the international environment that borrows the crisis to cause worsens continuously, because be added newly,supply at the same time bigger and demand is relatively fatigued and weak however. Newest report shows high power international: Rate of empty place of market of office building of Shanghai of the 3rd quarter rose to 9.8% considerably 2008, achieve came 2004 quarter compared to the same period new tall.

He Jingan of Pudong of the 3rd quarter shared project of 4 office building to enter town 2008, those who brought four hundred and thirty-four thousand nine hundred square metre is new add supply. The area that arranges an in part among them comes from the center of Shanghai round-the-world banking of Home Xiaoliu mouth. In addition, the prospective asset edifice that is located in Home Xiaoliu mouth and bamboo garden respectively and in build an edifice to also be used at consign of the 3rd quarter, enter town at the same time still have static the square of the East China Sea that brings a district, have the increment of 68 thousand square metre. Suffer international finance situation and domestic economy to add fast the influence that puts delay, a lot of enterprises deferred dilate or upgrade plan, market of office building of Shanghai first class is faced with press to the change of tenement market from owner market force.

The 3rd quarter is added newly supply bigger and demand is relatively fatigued and weak, bring about rate of integral market empty place to rise to 9.8% apparently, especially the office building that a few near futures appear on the market puts Pudong in bedding face to accumulate empty buy at present, make this quarterly Pudong empty buy rate is pulled top level of Gao Zhiquan city, for 14.7% . The empty buy of tall look forward to leads pair of whole markets, especially Pudong hire rises create greater pressure. This quarter is average hire is a RMB 9.9 yuan / square metre / day, with on the quarter keeps balance basically, but with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, still have 11.7% go up. Because let pressure relatively increase apparently before, a lot of new appear on the market the development business of the project chose a few quick step to attract potential tenant, if increase,avoid lease etc privilege, partial owner begins to accept under the market of average level hire valence. Because be added newly,supply basically be located in Pudong, because this is right,hire of each mature CBD area affects Pu Xi lesser, at present road along the line still maintains the static Nanjing that bring a district on the west higher hire level, achieve a RMB on average 12.6 yuan / square metre / day. Did not produce a large amount of buying as a result of the 3rd quarter case, total price adds office building of first class of the 3rd quarter compared to the same period go up 20% make the same score rice to every 50 thousand yuan, go up relatively the 2nd quarter puts delay somewhat, stability of market wool yield is in the level of 7.2% .
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