Commercial building of office building VS; Who is a trend?
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The residence changes body office building:

A few awkwardness

It is lady of Zhengzhou citizen the Song Dynasty, oneself do have company of one cosmetic representative. 8 years ago, she is in one house building hired Zhengzhou near 27 square the office place that two hall regard a 3 rooms as the company.

"Just began it is OK to be returned over there the feeling, had oneself independent office place for the first time after all. But, time grows, the problem is exposed came out. " lady of the Song Dynasty says.

It is the client comes no-go, arrive every time gate mouth, can be barred fall by security personnel, phone connection ensures public security a long time ability discharged. The client says for fun to lady of the Song Dynasty: "To you the company comes, than entering ' goverment office in feudal China ' difficult still. Than entering ' goverment office in feudal China ' difficult still..

Make lady of the Song Dynasty feel awkward is more, her company works in 25 buildings, choose attic to want a graph quiet namely originally, did not think of to be just the opposite to what one wished. Have many times, she calls together employee to attend a meeting in the morning, just arrived at 11 o'clock half, fry chili flavour with respect to what dense appears below Wen Jianlou, although employee is swift-handed, closed door window in time, but everybody still must be coughed continuously by choke.

More awkward is, once, a client comes to their company talk about business, inside elevator, the old lady that pushing the elevator below pram with encounters, the feeder that the shell did not build in old lady hand is dropped go up, splashed grandma of this client a suit, this client twisted a head to go, up-to-date, this client had not come again.

The Spring Festival just passed 2005, after because office place causes a many yuan 80 bill,becoming invalid, grey meaning of heart of lady of the Song Dynasty is cold, did not discuss with anybody, the office building of a 160 square metre was bought on agricultural road, moved the company.

Commercial building: Is business used? Still live?

Mention office building, mr Zhang that around crossroads of Chinese redbud hill one commercial building handles official bussiness is detest more. Every morning, jockey to go to the lavatory, mr Zhang must hurry to an unit before 7:20 downstair.

"Come late, never mention it parking space, search namely it is difficult to stick the parking space that punishs sheet. " Mr Zhang says, pass 7:40, look for the place that jockey to the unit, want to spend the time that attends 339 minutes.
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