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Endless estate is constrictive adjusting control between one night abrupt and terminative

Late on October 22, hesitation hesitates of a few months long, estate market still is to wait eventually will expect long already policy to loosen.

Although end from which governmental level, building city policy loosens more to be based on revitalize macroeconomic to consider, be released on October 19 to the State Council " reduce trade duty, supportive dweller buys a house " those who upset plan is rapid fulfil. But encourage in the high level below, the fervent step with local government insurgent passion is early had saved a plan to evolve in the round to an estate market.

Below the pressure of economic slow down, issue of tall house price was gone to by buy hind again right now minor position.

Of Chinese building city help straw

Secondhand front of Wei of house manager Lu is facing half an year to come crisis of quadratic unemployment.

Be in the regulation of intermediary company according to him, if 3 months do not have monadlist to clinch a deal, he will lose this job. Before two many months, he sold the husband of a small area successfully the house, but later had not opened sheet all the time however.

Before long before, his certain person of the same trades produced fight hand-to-hand even to contend for a client with competitor, this lets Lu Wei feel more angst. Be in Shanghai, there is the close down of intermediary door inn that close down everyday nowadays, also have intermediary manager everyday people lose the job accordingly. The intermediary that Lu Wei is in is famouser, even so, they still closed much door store in Shanghai.

The chill of building city, be in personally as among them from personnel of course of study for, experience is most deep.

In light of the whole nation, estate market a year since trade the quantity is quick and atrophic, glide extent is breathtaking, of partial city trade the quantity glides compared to the same period first half of the year 30%-50% , second half of the year glides extent is farther aggravate, a few city achieves 50%-70% even, in the meantime, the project clinchs a deal actually the price also appears adjust, same area is congener of the product clinch a deal the price appears compared to the same period of 30% fall, some achieves 40%-50% even. Be in a lot of areas of China, the price is returned a year before. The data that national statistic bureau publishs shows, area of empty place of newest commodity house achieved record-breaking 130 million square metre.
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