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Hit on October 22 as the Ministry of finance and Central Bank fall duty is decreased of breath " assorted fist " , the price trend of building city makes a person pay close attention to all the more. Yesterday, the reporter covered many personage inside real estate and expert learned man, solve city of chrestomathy town building to move toward for Everyman.

The market hands in credulity heart to restore to still need time

City of this city building trades the quantity has lasted a few months is atrophic. This city room is in charge of sectional data statistic, came on October 1 on October 22, whole town is secondhand the room clinchs a deal in all 1338, annulus comparing drops 11% , clinch a deal all valence 4980 yuan / square metre. Central the city zone clinchs a deal in all 595, annulus comparing drops 12.5% , clinch a deal all valence 6508 yuan / square metre.

I love Hu Jinghui of vise general manager of limited company of broker of my home estate to think this second adjust involve limits to include plan duty and monetary policy two levels. Buy first to the dweller common mix from housing improvement common the demand from housing has stimulative effect on certain level, trade to restoring the market, the positive effect with restore market confidence to rise certain. But fall in current economic background, the market inside short time walks out of wait-and-see mood hard as before. In secondhand the room trades in the categories of taxes that involves in flow, proportion is the largest, ask for capture to involve an area wider actual it is the business tax of 5.5% and the individual income tax of 1% , but adjust this did not involve these two categories of taxes, just be opposite extremely stamp duty derate, the agree duty of 1.5% is reduced to 1% , can say to fall the strength of duty is finite. What more of the person that average house buys a house pays close attention to is house price, the plan duty after adjusting and loan means did not alleviate truly house price theory is tall to buying the pressure of room person, the whole that still needs macroscopical economy to good and more policy comes on stage will promote the person that buy a house to move to buy afresh, stimulate the market to walk out of trough then.

Policy does not sustain tall house valence and the behavior that fry a room

Economy of courtyard of Tianjin company division forecasts institute director Lu Wei to point out, this second new politics coming on stage is macroscopical economy the need that wants inside development stimulation, people considers as not simply " the government helps building city " . This second new politics carry out did not alleviate actually the capital chain that develops trade tension, this depreciating house still will continue to depreciate. The government moves to drive building city to trade the empty buy rate that can reduce commodity house, reduce the waste of social natural resources, avoid to affect related to estate tens of the development of the industry. But people should notice this new politics did not involve secondhand of the business tax policy that the room trades and 2 flatlet policy become loose, this states policy is mixed to tall house price the action that fry a room does not support, and policy place emphasizes " buy first " , " 90 square metre and the following " , " common housing " wait for a word, reflected adequately this second new politics exert oneself ensures those marriage rooms, improvement common housing to wait for market tigidity demand, and take care of low income safeguard housing be benefited group.
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