"Southeast Asia wind " city of insufflate Nanning building
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The impress of piscine end lion of Singapore, Indonesian cling to the rare tree of li island amorous feelings, Malaysia... borrowing China - east the east wind of alliance exposition, nanning a few buildings dish also began to appear the element of many southeast Asia amorous feelings. These exotic elements reflect a building on certain level already dish characteristic, abounded the life of owner, more on the besmear of urban building culture of Nanning one bright-coloured colour

Many Lou Panjing view diffuse southeast Asia colour

"In recent years, especially China - east after Nanning of alliance exposition settle, nanning building dish the southeast Asia amorous feelings in gradually much rise. " Mr He that pursues plan of Nanning estate sale says to the reporter.

Mr He is engaged in estate working to had had nearly 10 years time, he introduces, nanning building dish humanitarian amorous feelings experienced a few apparent development level. 10 years ago, simple but elegant of Lou Panfeng case, without too much landscape element. Subsequently, basically give priority to with Europe type amorous feelings, square of center of arch, village begins to appear. Come nearly 5 years, building dish humanitarian amorous feelings is Ou Shijian no longer build dominate exclusively market, present the situation that let a hundred flowers blossom. Among them, the humanitarian amorous feelings of southeast Asia country blossoms gradually extraordinary splendour, apply in great quantities for industry place.

Building dish southeast Asia amorous feelings pays attention to detail very, this and Chinese gardens art have the effect of different in approach but equally satisfactory in result. Sometimes, a dome on the building, a Chi Shui of village gardens, building dish the statue of the gate, the landscape that can be a village makes the finishing point, draw the outline of have fasten the building culture at other village. Owner strolls among them, let a person as street of fair riverside of place oneself Yu Mei, every phenomenon...

Current, nanning is not little building dish blended in element of southeast Asia amorous feelings. Be located in the star of black beautiful area and garden, took style of Singapore gardens architectural. The village is made with the piscine end lion of Singapore give priority to project of the scene that make garden, be dedicated to the lifestyle with a Singapore advantageous, refined type, blend in a building dish building, advocate " gardens of Singapore type health " concept, it is the item that Nanning city makes southeast Asia concept earlier.
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