The expert says Shenzhen building city is rehearse of trend of Chinese building
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Inside limits of current whole world " financial crisis " what effect can you produce to Chinese economy? What kind of development tendency can building city of China, stock market have? Yesterday, liu Zunyi of president of university of Chinese of Ba Shusong of assistant director of institute of finance of research center of development of the State Council, Hong Kong coulds there be respectively, the reporter undertook interviewing with respect to these heat topics.

Financial crisis won't be too big to Chinese influence

To the adjustment that domestic economy appears, ba Shusong thinks, basically suffer inside and outside the pressure of two respects. In-house pressure is transfer to the city as labour force, before the circumstance with petty gain of the sort of earthy price pattern, cheap labor produced change, this makes company profit is pounded. External economy suffers second borrow the crisis to affect occurrence demand to reduce a phenomenon, affect domestic export. "The most difficult when had not arrived. " Ba Shusong expresses, should see Chinese economy still has positive factor, fasten to Chinese economy so pessimistic, "Current, the biggest risk is people adverse expect brought impact " . Ba Shusong thinks, masterstroke of next year economic policy is to expand inside need, the enterprise needs to will achieve explosive type growth inside. And rural land is on the move reform, the likelihood becomes afterwards after the room changed 1999, the economic policy that needs inside tremendous stimulation again.

"This banking crisis is meeting some to Chinese influence, but too won't big. " Liu Zunyi thinks, the crisis is the biggest to Chinese influence is exit, and the goods that China exports is worth in the addition of churchyard very low, for instance, export the goods of 1 dollar, be less than 2 wool money to be made in China only probably, other for instance raw material, fittings is an entrance, won't have too big effect so. Additional, the goods that China exports is low class commodity for the most part, and below the circumstance of slump, american, European consumption level can be reduced, the multitude that uses consumable of high quality scales at ordinary times may choose the consumable of low class now.

Liu Zunyi is judged, as a whole the 1%1.5% that the crisis won't exceed national income to Chinese influence, the economy last year grows China speed is 11% above, although subtract 1%1.5% , still remain 8. 5% , this growth rate still is highest all over the world, so the crisis answers this to Chinese shadow too won't big.
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