Headquarters economy should rise for national strategy
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Initiate of headquarters economy theory person, Zhao Hong of director of research center of economy of headquarters of China of Beijing society academy of sciences shines on forum newest viewpoint: Headquarters economy grows the outstanding problem that face to have fundamental strategic value to breaking through our country to show level economy, development headquarters economy should rise for national strategy.

Zhao Hong thinks, the industrial transition that our country faces upgrades pressure and challenge are increasingly grim. Through development of 30 years, our country manufacturing industry develops a level to promote significantly, already a variety of 210 product output rank the world the first, "China is made " supported world consumption greatly. But as a result of our country a lot of manufacturing industry enterprises are in the treatment, link that assembles content of this one low additional cost, low technology, "World production factory " the current situation is brought a series of problem.

Above all, chinese enterprise innovates independently capability is not strong, on the international market, technology of core of card of our country home made product is not much, this brings about China to make profit directly humble. Baby of a Bobby is 9.99 dollars in the retail prices on American market, but the has 0.35 dollars only treatment cost that leaves China the company; Shirt of HugoBoss of world famous brand is 120 dollars in the price of American market, and Chinese manufacturer takes have trifling only 10 % .

Next, china is made brought heavy environmental price, chinese air, earth and river are in bear of pollution painful. At the beginning of 2008, yale environment law and policy research center announce first formal " environmental protection behaves index " , to the environmental protection of 149 countries and area expression has a rank, chinese platoon is in the 103rd.

Again, chinese commodity exports brought international trade attrition to let Chinese enterprise have too many visitors or business to deal with. According to statistic of Department of Commerce, our country encountered 80 cases in all 2007 instead dumping, turn over the commerce such as allowance to relieve investigation, become the whole world 13 years to suffer continuously turn over a dumping to investigate most country. As " world production factory " , we expended very large interest, drain a lot of resource, did not get how many money however, still be censured by others, such passive development mode is badly in need of a change. Headquarters economy carries the high-end segment such as company headquarters collect development, improved the manufacturing efficiency of manufacturing industry already, the intensive of stimulative resource the sources of energy is used, reduce environmental pollution, also thrust was moved " riant curve " the extensive rapid development of the contemporary service job that two upright become divided give, consequently development headquarters economy becomes our country to show level to urge the main strategy alternative that economic transition upgrades.
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