New intermediary physical ability is denied make point of growth of Beijing CBD
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Every time capital of by way of is northeast 3 annulus, like the column that prop up a day tremendous indication screen always can let a person at the moment " shine " . All sorts of advertisement take turns such as brand of car, motion come on stage, performing each ad is old; Walk into the high-grade office building of CBD every time, the liquid crystal inside elevator shows screen always keeps broadcasting of all kinds ad; During the Olympic Games, the mobile phone that used CMMB technology makes people OK enjoy wonderful Olympic Games program at any time and place... the core industry that with the number TV, network, outdoors, mobile phone, mobile, opposite sex was intermediary new media this kind to be known as economy of 21 centuries knowledge and new economy point of growth.

On the red-letter day of Beijing CBD business affairs that just ends, sunny district government puts forward to regard CBD as new economic point of growth new media industry first, the economy that drives CBD area and area of whole rising sun thereby grows. Is new intermediary physical ability denied make the economic point of growth with new CBD?

CBD: Borrow industrial dominant position to develop new media

As a result of the diversity feature of new media, all the time since will undertake differentiating without clear idea. The personage inside course of study thinks, the press that attends at traditional sense relatively, broadcast, TV these mass medias, new media should use digital technology means only or media and suffer numerous between realized interactive transmission, can bring into the category of new media. From industrial catenary form for, new media industry has the originality link, link that make, show segment, trade link, financing link.

"What CBD will develop henceforth is originality link, trade link, financing link 3 parts. " to such fixed position, CBD is in charge of appoint Liu Chuncheng of conference vice director expresses, from long-term in light of, financial industry is the motivation that promotes other industry development. The develops a demand core strategy resource because of an industry is international finance, new media is not exceptional also. And CBD regards orgnaization of an international finance and high-end service as course of study collect an area, the admits a need industry environment that had new media industry.

New media is the industry that capital throws concentrated sex, also be the industry with sensitive capital. "The CCTV used time of 40 years to become mainstream media, if had the support of capital, the likelihood needs time 20 years only. Same argument, if new media is in gain while, can continue to win the support of capital, be equal to won the time that extends gain, this is the advantage that capital brings. " Liu Yan of CEO of 6 rooms website says.
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