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Columbus office is expected to open by the end of December about 80 square me
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Columbus Square office building is expected to open in December at the end, size is about 80 square meters, estimated average price of 10,000 yuan / square meter. Columbus Square project design to the great navigator and explorer Christopher Columbus Global Challenge "discovered the New World," the theme of the epic, 200-meter riverside landscape corridors, ring style of American Marine Street, sunken rock climbing square foot double-decker three-dimensional systems, interactive entertainment experiential consumption and other recreational facilities, elements, will inject new vigor Wuxi business and international experience. Columbus Plaza, designed by the U.S. RDI company focused, drawing on North Block and other blocks and shopping park neighborhood shopping centers for advanced planning concepts, creative planning a "Third Street part of a river," the whole experience of urban space. Sales hotline :400 -606-6969 Sales Address: Canton Road and Fortuna Road Interchange (Xihu Road Star International Furniture on North 200 meters)