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Yuquan Building Integrated Office is conducting Offices for lease
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Yuquan is a collection of office buildings, business, dining and entertainment of the integrated office. Chang'an Street in Beijing Yuquan extension cords crossing the northwest corner of the West, take the subway line and bus Zhu Lu (337,389,817,620,621,373,370,747,728, etc.) can be reached. Buildings surrounding a beautiful environment, the opposite is the largest green space in Beijing Garden - Beijing International Sculpture Park, the surrounding high-tech units and focus on a number of research institutes. Business office package-service high-quality management Yuquan Building, a total of thirteen, including three underground floor to the floor with dining, entertainment, postal, financial, salon, bath, agents, and other ancillary aviation services, four to ten layers of various specifications of the Scriptorium, equipped with central air-conditioning , broadband comes in, and fire twenty-four hours security patrol, surveillance, outdoor has a large free car park, ample parking, coupled with Beijing Travel Service Co., Ltd. Baoquan free property offers indoor and outdoor sanitation services and clean, the price of low quality excellent, staff of various types of food and other supporting services to enable Yuquan Building into a deal like dining, office and business venues. Low price multi-family office Currently, the building being Offices for rent, various size, reasonable price and comprehensive property service, King to be settled. Rent: 2.4 yuan / day / m