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Ding Yi-day city business center identification chips hot lead West City Offic
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Near the end of the year, with the state regulation of the real estate market to increase efforts in the residential property market turnover has declined, but commercial real estate has not been significantly affected. This seems a clear signal: commercial real estate will be more and more attention, commercial and residential inversion phenomenon will disappear, commercial real estate in the spring around the corner. To facilitate the rapid development of the engine transport enterprises The first choice for the office companies, regional traffic is the first one, while for Ding Yi Tin Shing (Forum for details) International Business Center, the unique position, the only region with a perfect supporting environment is more important is to sit Fan smooth traffic environment, accessible, high-speed freely come and go the regional advantages, the commercial prospects of the entire project will pave the innate appreciation of space. The project is located in Kunming, the sea the only source of long traffic jam on the road do not, now is one of many companies the first choice of office; travel on the bus have more direct access to high-tech zones in various regions, 56, 83 Road, 85 Road, 113 Road, 180 Road, and other bus lines will be adjusted to the Sea Temple Yard source of origin, greatly improve the transportation of high-tech zone north of the International Garden, the density of coverage, and Xuefu, Kun Sha Road, Renmin West Road, Second Ring Road, Kunming Shui Road and other main road straight through connections, the city more quickly accessible, obviating the conventional urban travel difficult office troubles, but also for the rapid development of enterprises laid a most solid foundation. Supporting the rapid development of complete business booster For most small and medium enterprises, the rich or the surrounding life support is a key consideration. Unlike regional commercial buildings, Ding Yi Tin City International Business Centre as an international landmark complex, concerned about the basic office needs, but also focus on the needs of high-level business platform, an integrated, convenient, open, and for pro- characteristics, with the advantage of the most abundant of the forms to enhance the overall value of their business, creating a charming living space business. Format plan around a hotel, entertainment, supermarket, 24 hours convenience stores, ticketing service centers, banks, digital printing, courier companies, hospitals, beauty centers, dry cleaners, fruit, communication open hall, brand clothing and fashion boutiques. Perfect matching between the heels and enjoy the convenience brought about by the Deer and the Cauldron, also make daily business office, business reception and burst easily fixed up urgent matters, is the human enterprise office, wearing the corporate image, based landing site the best place. Presented by the large area multi-family It is understood, Ding Yi Tin City International Business Center is now officially open identification chips, in order to bulge the status of its regional commercial pilot, Sky City International Business Center building with a very carefully designed to meet the international trend of the U-shaped building architectural aesthetic body, luxury coated glass curtain wall and large vestibule enclosure design, not only brought the trend of environmentally friendly fashion business, but also to bring a lot of interior space available for additional space. A unit of the air as the thermocline villa office, not only has large dual front and rear of Kunming's leading garden design, an area of nearly about 60 square meters, of which some units also presented an area of 30 square meters, end of the room also has an enclosed space independently to meet the various requirements of use, even worse, the whole layer in 5 layers of renters, and the highest use of donated an additional area of 723.20 square meters.