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Tens of home companies are garrisoned area of garden of loose hill lake is fixed
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Use lay off research and development and headquarters the land this year, build office building of a batch of high quality scales

The city zone austral Dongguan city offers headquarters economy, large market town should build base of headquarters of company of civilian battalion economy, song Shanhu also should build company headquarters center. Song Shanhu is in charge of appoint can hold a press conference a few days ago, concerned controller expresses, song Shanhu builds company headquarters to have clear fixed position, without historical package.

Worked 2008 according to Song Shanhu train of thought, want “ to build garden area north company headquarters center and ” of center of research and development. Concerned chief says, song Shanhu is not this year just put forward to establish company headquarters. When building Song Shanhu 2001, raise the fixed position of garden area: “ 3 centers ” of a base, include domestic and international well-known company to collect a center among them.

With Dongguan photograph of other even city compares other township, song Shanhu has an advantage in construction company headquarters, also have inadequacy. What place above all about chief is environmental advantage, song Shanhu is having favorable environment and public security environment, without historical package, some local existence are backward village, concentrated model the problem such as labor industry, dan Songshan lake is done not have.

As to insufficient place, basically be city life form a complete set still is perfected not quite, humanitarian atmosphere is insufficient inside garden area. Really, strengthen construction of urban form a complete set two this years to be able to see ceaselessly from Song Shanhu, the foundation of life form a complete set of garden area is not perfect. Additional, a lot of citizens have the same feeling, song Shanhu is too quiet, the person enrages inadequacy.

As we have learned, up to by 2007, area of garden of loose hill lake is large and medium-sized scientific research orgnaization achieves 29, 500 strong companies of world 9, transnational corporation enterprise 18. Will enlarge research and development and limits of headquarters function area this year, assemble orgnaizations of large quantities of research and development and company headquarters.

According to Song Shanhu the working train of thought this year, this year will new city highway with on the west, the strip state district to the south of industrial north road is adjusted use the land for research and development and headquarters, build office building of a batch of high quality scales, use at carrying on orgnaization of research and development of of all kinds business and headquarters. Continue to increase capital attraction strength, increase science and technology to enrol business strength especially
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