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Leigesi will open China western center of the first instant business affairs - s
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Leigesi announces the world's greatest recently office plan provider a new center will be opened in big China area. This center is located in square of age of grade of Chengdu total government office 26, this also is Leigesi is in China western center of opened the first business affairs.

Chengdu official says: “ business affairs center will be Leigesi Chengdu this locality and the commercial key position that the company that cross a state grows quickly in this offer the world's top-ranking business affairs establishment. The Leigesi that this opens ” anew the center can provide all sorts of agile office space for the client, include to configure room of all ready service type office, assembly room, have an informal discussion and business affairs to rest hall. Business travel personage can be here go to bed examines mail, dial a telephone, there are advanced IT and telecommunications facilities to serve as support inside the center. And, leigesi situation of business affairs center is advantageous, near hotel of class of public traffic, 5 stars, dining-room and store.

Thunder case Si Yatai presiding apparitor Mr Filippo Sarti says the division: “ Chengdu is considered as China the portal western, especially Chinese “ is developed western the policy of ” was stimulated more western the economy of the area grows.

Rise ceaselessly as the international position of Chengdu, contact ceaseless improvement external, with the government support energetically, chengdu has begun to become internationally main business key position. 500 strong companies created a lot of wealth here orgnaization, especially IT company. To all companies, proper office place is found in proper place, enjoying high grade business affairs to support a service is crucial, but to growing model enterprise, flexibility also is very key. Below the market opportunity that answers ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, leigesike develops the support of a need and flexibility with providing a company for the client. ” Leigesi obtains celebrated outstanding achievement in main mart of China, among them Shanghai is silver-colored company center is the business affairs center with the largest scale that Leigesi opens in the whole world.

Mr Sarti says: We see “ it is beyond a few big cities the client also has very big demand to our service. Chengdu development is very rapid, but still lack establishment of top class business affairs. Times square center will be the Leigesi that we believe Chengdu the company of this area offers a lot of opportunities. ” does not have condition or the company that do not need to have the office actually to those returning, leigesi still can think they are offerred in Chengdu a series of fictitious office plan. These companies can design his fictitious office to serve a formula, choose a kind, a few plant or complete set serves, include to use exalted business affairs address, phone to receive listen and leave a message to processing, business affairs supports and use assembly room to wait.
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