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Rat year autograph of honour treasure edifice makes an appointment with beginnin
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Yesterday midday, the reporter's eyeball by Hangzhou number of on net of room of transparent carry out one ceaseless bullish was attracted, 20 minutes short, the edifice of a Lou Panzun treasure of new city of Hangzhou money river clinchs a deal a cycle of songs in a traditional opera rises from 15 18, the word that sells department manager with them says even if the speed of procedures of contract of “ conduction autograph is the speed ” that a cycle of songs in a traditional opera increases, day is finished to book 13 before ending to come off work yesterday, clinch a deal 41.

Limited company sells line of business of buy of Europe of short for Zhejiang Province of Zhejiang of project development business department chief Zheng Hongchang says, honour treasure edifice is office building, if be signed yesterday,those who make an appointment with basically is each big bank, they already took a bank in succession before the end of the year interior examines and approve a program, capital reachs the designated position basically, appear because weather of snow of the rain before the section is severe,this kind of circumstance is, the autograph will make an appointment with before delaying a lot of clients, during the Spring Festival off, begin everybody going to work to was signed yesterday.

Reasonable person is clear that this is objective element only, advocate course of study of low-key buy of Europe of Zhejiang short for Zhejiang Province to be avoided talking to subjective effort. The reporter turns and from one of business personnel place understanding arrives, honour treasure edifice source of 600 much flatlet is gone by acquaintance decided at the higher level but not officially announced almost, the person arteries and veins with powerful high level of employment of buy of Europe of short for Zhejiang Province is honour treasure edifice achieves rat year the main factor of make a good beginning of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day.

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